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Mumbai Travel Guide and Full Information:


Mumbai, being the major gateway to India, gets enough international traffic round the year. Bearing in mind the requirements of tourists and business travelers as well, there are innumerable hotels in the Island City.Mumbai, India’s economic powerhouse, pulses with power and energy. Read More>>

Mumbai Airport:

Mumbai, the nation’s Financial Hub, is visited by scores of people throughout the year. Mumbai has two Airports-The Chattrapathi Shivaji International Airport and Santa Cruz Domestic Airport.At a height of 26 feet above mean sea level, The Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport serves as one of India’s major international airports. Read More>>

Best Time To Visit:

While planning a trip to Mumbai avoid the monsoon months of June through September, when Mumbai becomes one big, overflowing pothole. Mumbai is counted amongst the most-visited tourist destinations of India. The city of full of tourist attractions, which comprise of magnificent monuments like Gateway of India on one hand and fun-filled amusement parks like Essel World on the other.It is best to avoid the monsoon months that start from June to September while planning a trip to Mumbai. Read More>>

Foreign Consulates:

Mumbai is a cosmopolitan city where many foreign nationals are also based. There are many NRI’s who stay in Mumbai and keep travelling to their home country. It is very important to know where your home consulate / embassy is. Mumbai, the Financial Hub of India, has foreign embassies of nearly all the major nations of the world. Read More>>

Mumbai Flights:

Mumbai…where life never seem to end, where action never seem to seize and where the splendor never cease to mesmerize all…well, that and much more, this magni opus city which was once called the country’s brightest jewel, is now a teeming metropolis and India’s commercial hub.Mumbai is a city that virtually never sleeps. Being the major gateway to India, the city receives tremendous international traffic. Read More>>

Mumbai Holidays:

Mumbaikars, the residents of Mumbai, celebrate each and every event, festival and fairs with full gusto and fervor.Mumbai or Bombay is the commercial capital of India and the city has at least 23 holidays in a year. Here we are providing a list of public and government holidays as sanctioned by the government of Maharashtra. Read More>>

Mumbai Hospitals:

Mumbai, the bustling metropolitan of India, has the latest state-of-the-art medical facilities.Mumbai has several state of the art hospitals with all the top end medical facilities for any physical and mental debility. Here is a comprehensive list of hospitals in Mumbai for your ready use. It comprises some of the biggest hospitals of the country that boast of remarkable infrastructure and newest therapeutic services. Read More>>

Mumbai Location:

Mumbai Location is in the Deccan region of India and it is the capital city of the state of Maharashtra. Mumbai location is perfectly set in the western coast of India, by the bank of the Arabian Sea. Mumbai can be called as an island city as it is made from the cluster of seven islands and its name is derived from Mumbadevi (the goddess of the koli fisher folk). Moreover, there are three small rivers within the periphery of the Island City. Read More>>

Public Transport:

Due to the good network system of transportation in Mumbai, traveling is quite easier in this pulsating metropolis. To travel in Mumbai, the public transport system is the best option.Mumbai is the most happening city of India. Read More>>

Mumbai City Map:

Fifteen million people live in Mumbai – industrialists, film-stars, artists, workers, teachers and clerks – all living cheek-by-jowl in soaring skyscrapers and sprawling slums. They come from diverse ethnic backgrounds and speak over a dozen tongues, adding colour, flavour and texture to the Great Mumbai Melting Pot. Read More>>

How to Reach Mumbai:

Mumbai is the most happening city of India, where every moment is marked by one or the other event. Bearing in mind that Mumbai lacks space for horizontal expansion, skyscrapers and flat housing systems are defining the infrastructure of this bustling city. Mumbaikars prefer using local means of transport to travel around the metropolis, as insufficient parking places and traffic bottlenecks don’t allow them to draw out their own vehicles. Read More>>

Mumbai Local Trains:

Local Trains are the major means of transport in Mumbai. Most of the city-dwellers rely on Mumbai Suburban Railway to travel within the metropolis. The extensive network of Railways has three lines, namely the Western Line, the Central Main Line and the Harbour Line. Being a linear city, Mumbai is totally covered by local train network. The area from Churchgate to Virar is covered under the Western line via Western Suburbs, while the Central Main Line starts from Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) and travels to Kalyan through the Central Suburbs and Thane. Read More>>

Buses To Mumbai:

The city of Mumbai has regular bus services to the top major cities Of India. Read More>>

Trains To Mumbai:

Mumbai Is connected mejor cities and town of India. Read More>>

Money Exchangers:

Mumbai, the Commercial Capital of India, has a profusion of money exchangers within its periphery. Every year, people from all parts of the world come to visit this ‘Film City of India’. Mumbai, being a financial hub and the prime center of tourist attraction, observes big deals on daily basis. Just like the rest of India, in Mumbai also, the currency is rupees. Read More>>

Mumbai City Weather:

The period between October and February is the most pleasant time to visit Mumbai, when the city enjoys a balmy season of blue skies and a cool breeze. The Island City receives an annual rainfall of 2,200 metres. The months of October and November bring a respite from the heavy rains. However, winters appear at their apex in December and January. The weather remains pleasant during these months, where the temperature goes down to the minimum of 15°C. February too, offers an enjoyable climate. In fact, the months from October to February provide the best time to visit Mumbai. Read More>>


Mumbai, formerly called Bombay, is just right place to have food from the cuisines around the world. The dream city of India has innumerable restaurants, which specialize in one or the other cuisine.You will find that Mumbai restaurants are especially liberal with regard to alcoholic beverages, and in fact it is noted as the most liberal city in India. Read More>>

Passport Office Mumbai:

Mumbai’s Passport Office, being the only one in the region, caters to the residents from Greater Mumbai, over and above districts of Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg, Aurangabad and Beed in Maharashtra. The Regional Passport Office of Mumbai is situated on the A.B. Road in Worli. The office issues passports to the residents of Greater Mumbai, along with the districts of Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg, Aurangabad and Beed. Read More>>

Clothing Tips:

Mumbai is the most-sought after destination in India, attributable to the glamorous silver-screen and the business hub.Mumbai/Bombay’s proximity to the sea has endowed it a Mediterranean Climate with humidity hanging in the atmosphere making living quite sweaty and uncomfortable for those not use to such climate. Another reason could be that it is a major international doorway to the spiritual country. Read More>>

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