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Todays Movies Currently Running in Mumbai Cinema Halls

Updated On Friday Every Week

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Movie Name Language Theatre Timings
Aarakshan Hindi
5:15 pm
Aarakshan Hindi
Cinemax Sion
9:00 am; 12:15; 3:30; 6:30; 10:00 pm
Aarakshan Hindi
Inox Nariman Point
10:30 am; 1:45; 5:00; 7:00; 10:15 pm
Aarakshan Hindi
12:30; 3:30 pm
Aarakshan Hindi
Inox Santacruz
11:45 am; 10:15 pm
Aarakshan Hindi
3:15; 10:30 pm
Aarakshan Hindi
12:30; 3:30 pm
Aarakshan Hindi
PVR Phoenix Mills
9:55; 11:50 am; 3:15; 6:40; 7:45; 10:05 pm
Aarakshan Hindi
10:30 pm
Bodyguard Hindi
4:00 pm
Bodyguard Hindi
Inox Nariman Point
12:00 noon; 1:30; 2:30; 3:15; 4:15; 5:15; 6:00; 7:00; 8:00; 8:45; 9:45; 10:45 pm
Bodyguard Hindi
12:00 noon; 2:30; 5:00; 7:30; 10:00 pm
Bodyguard Hindi
12:30; 3:30; 6:30; 9:30 pm
Bodyguard Hindi
New Excelsior
1:30; 9:15 pm
Bodyguard Hindi
12:45; 9:45 pm
Bodyguard Hindi
Maratha Mandir
3:30; 6:30; 9:30 pm
Bodyguard Hindi
Inox Santacruz
12:15; 3:00; 8:00; 10:45 pm
Bodyguard Hindi
PVR Phoenix Mills
10:35; 11:35 am; 12:00 noon; 12:30; 1:25; 2:25; 3:00; 3:30; 4:15; 5:15; 6:00; 6:30; 7:05; 8:05; 9:00; 9:30; 9:55; 10:55 pm
Bodyguard Hindi
New Empire
12:45; 3:45; 6:45; 9:45 pm
Bodyguard Hindi
Metro BIG Cinemas
10:15; 11:00; 11:15; 11:45 am; 1:00; 1:45; 2:00; 2:30; 3:45; 4:30; 4:45; 5:15; 6:30; 7:15; 7:30; 8:00; 9:30; 10:15; 10:30; 11:00 pm
Bodyguard Hindi
Premier Gold
1:00; 3:30; 6:00; 8:00; 11:00 pm
Bodyguard Hindi
12:30; 3:00; 5:30; 8:00; 10:30 pm
Bodyguard Hindi
12:00 noon; 1:25; 2:30; 5:15; 6:45; 8:00; 9:30; 10:45 pm
Bodyguard Hindi
2:30; 5:00; 7:30; 10:00 pm
Bodyguard Hindi
9:45 pm
Bodyguard Hindi
Imax BIG Cinemas Multiplex
10:15; 11:00; 11:45 am; 1:00; 1:45; 2:30; 3:45; 4:30; 5:15; 6:30; 7:15; 8:00; 9:30; 10:15; 10:45; 11:00 pm
Bodyguard Hindi
12:30; 3:00; 5:30; 8:00; 10:30 pm
Bodyguard Hindi
Central Plaza
10:30 am; 12:45; 3:00; 5:30; 8:00; 10:45 pm
Bodyguard Hindi
1:30; 3:45; 6:45; 9:45 pm
Bodyguard Hindi
12:30; 3:30; 6:30; 9:30 pm
BOL Hindi
Central Plaza
8:00 pm From Friday
BOL Hindi
Imax BIG Cinemas Multiplex
12:15; 4:30; 10:45 pm
BOL Hindi
New Excelsior
3:45; 6:30 pm
BOL Hindi
6:30 pm
BOL Hindi
Inox Nariman Point
2:00; 8:10 pm
BOL Hindi
Cinemax Sion
3:00; 5:45; 10:45 pm
BOL Hindi
6:45; 9:30 pm
BOL Hindi
12:30; 3:30; 9:30 pm
BOL Hindi
Metro BIG Cinemas
5:15; 10:45 pm
BOL Hindi
PVR Juhu
1:35; 7:30; 10:35 pm
BOL Hindi
6:45 pm
BOL Hindi
PVR Phoenix Mills
11:15 am; 2:20; 5:55; 7:30; 10:35 pm
BOL Hindi
1:30; 7:00; 10:00 pm
Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara Hindi
Inox Nariman Point
10:30 am
Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara Hindi
PVR Goregaon
1:20 pm
Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara Hindi
Movie Time
10:00 am; 8:00 pm
Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara Hindi
Metro BIG Cinemas
1:30 pm
Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara Hindi
PVR Mulund
1:50 pm
Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara Hindi
Imax BIG Cinemas Multiplex
5:15 pm
Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara Hindi
PVR Phoenix Mills
3:00; 8:15 pm
Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara Hindi
Cinemax Sion
12:15 pm
Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara Hindi
PVR Juhu
8:15 pm
Conan The Barabarian English
Metro BIG Cinemas
11:00 am; 1:15; 6:45 pm
Conan The Barabarian English
2:00; 4:00 pm
Conan The Barabarian English
PVR Phoenix Mills
9:40; am ;2:05; 6:35; 11:05 pm
Conan The Barabarian English
9:30 pm
Conan The Barabarian English
Inox Nariman Point
11:50 am; 4:05; 10:05 pm
Conan The Barabarian English
12:00 noon; 2:00; 4:00 pm
Conan The Barabarian English
Imax BIG Cinemas Multiplex
10:00 am; 2:15; 6:30; 11:00 pm
Conan The Barabarian English
6:30; 9:30 pm
Conan The Barabarian English
Metro BIG Cinemas
10:00 am; 4:15; 6:30; 11:00 pm
Conan The Barabarian English
Star City
10:45 am; 3:20; 7:50 pm
Conan The Barabarian English
12:30; 2:30; 4:30; 6:30; 8:30; 10:30 pm
Conan The Barabarian English
3:15; 5:30; 7:45 pm
Final Destination English
Cinemax Sion
1:45 pm

Paragliding In Mumbai

About Mumbai Paragliding:

Located approximately 60 kms away from the city’s centre lies the Western Paragliding Association or the WPA, offering a chance to fly free with the birds. The WPA is a self regulatory body of members aiming to establish and to promote paragliding in a safe and credible manner. The best way to learn about paragliding is to visit us on the field. If you come with a burning desire to fly and the willingness to work towards your goals we’ll help you do the rest. The association was formed to promote the sport of paragliding in India. Over the years various forms of light aviation like hang gliding and microlighting have come to this country and then disappeared into oblivion for lack of organisation. The association hopes to keep this sport alive and kicking. A lot of dedicated effort went into setting up the guidelines for the association. Established clubs all over the world including The United States Hang Gliding Association Inc., The Finnish Aeronautical Association, The British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association, and the Norsk Aero Klubb sent information, materials and valuable advice. Edel – Korea the world’s largest manufacturers of paragliders sent an instructor and equipment. The Western Paragliding Association was now ready to set out on its mission. For people unfamiliar with the sport, a paraglider can be very simply be described as being a non-porous cloth wing which is inflated by the air through which it flies via openings in the leading edge of the wing. The pilot is suspended beneath the wing on a harness and he has the controls of the paraglider in his hands. Paragliding differs substantially from other forms of gliding. For one it is less expensive. One can buy a canopy for just as much as it costs to buy a scooter. Paragliding is the most convenient, affordable and least difficult way to fly. A paraglider can be folded into a back pack, carried with ease to the takeoff site and readied for flying in minutes. It takes about three to five minutes to pack and unpack the paraglider as against the thirty minutes required to prepare a hang glider. When packed a paraglider looks like an ordinary back pack and the entire equipment along with the helmet weighs between ten to twelve kilograms and can be transported with ease. Unlike hang gliders which are semi rigid in structure, the paraglider canopy has no solid parts at all. A paraglider is also more manoevreable, flies more slowly, lands more softly and needs much less space to take off and land than any other form of gliding. Envisage the idea of flying over the sea and mountains with wings of your own. Feeling great, yes and why not? Perhaps it is the veiled thought of almost every person. Mumbai, the Dream City, actually offers you the chance of flying and pleasing your craved thoughts. Western Paragliding Association (WPA), sited about 60 kilometres from the city centre, helps in making your airborne dreams come true. This association was established to promote the new-age sport of air paragliding in India. Like any other air sport paragliding has its own risks. Veterans however feel that its greatest danger lies in the fact that it is so easy to learn. Most people make the mistake of learning for four days and then taking their paragliders out on their own and flying off any site. While people do learn to control the paraglider in their basic courses, there’s a lot more to be learnt before one flies without any supervision. Critical judgements in reading the weather are only learnt over a period of time. So if you are flying in India and someone offers you a four day course with promises of unsupervised flying after that, Take Care ! Currently paragliding in India is a free sport. There are no regulations and no licence is required for a paraglider. Over the years, light aviation in a variety of forms, such as hang gliding and micro lighting, have been introduced in the country, but got into void due to inadequate organization. Unlike others, Western Paragliding Association is dedicated to keep paragliding a lively and dynamic sport with their set of guidelines. It offers basic and advanced courses in Paragliding. Being a tourist, obviously you won’t be taking the courses, but you can definitely enjoy the ride on the wing. Worse still if training is not regulated, which means that unqualified. This could result in fatalities and kill the sport in its infancy. By adhering to high training standards, comparable to international levels, the WPA is trying to ensure flying which is absolutely safe. It is almost impossible to find Indians with instructor’s ratings and consequently all instructors with the WPA are foreigners. Imagine – standing on top of a hill, overlooking the valley, wondering what it would be like to FLY. Well, get ready to fulfill man’s oldest dream of free flying. Now you can experience the joy of personal, foot-launched flight in its purest form – on a paraglider! Paragliding is the closest humans can get to the feeling of flying like a bird. It is a fun, safe way to experience flight in its simplest form. You simply lay out a wing on a hillside or mountain, inflate it over your head like a kite, run a few steps and before you know it you’ve stepped off into the sky! Once in the air, a pilot is able to maintain and even gain altitude using lifting air currents and thermals. Landing a paraglider is extremely easy. A pilot simply steers it into the landing area, and glides down for a very gentle touch down back on to earth. Paragliding is a gift of wings, a lifelong dream come true, a taste of the freedom of your spirit, an essence of pure flight, and a countless beautiful different things to different people. Especially those who have experienced the indescribable sensations of floating like a bird over a pristine countryside. No wonder paragliding has stirred up such passion worldwide that it is one of the most popular ways to fly today. A Korean instructor and competition pilot, deputed by Edel and an American powered pilot and paragliding enthusiast have been running courses for the WPA. The WPA is still in its formative stages and is always looking for new talent in training. Qualified instructors who have wished to holiday in India might find this the chance of a lifetime. Facilities are improving by the day and remuneration is handsome by Indian standards. Paragliding in India, holds a special lure for the foreign tourist. India is a paraglider’s paradise. Moreover, this art of flying is comparatively cheap in Bombay. People who are new to paragliding need not worry, since they can enjoy this ride with the help of trainers. In basic terms, a paraglide is a non-porous cloth wing, which is puffed up with air and is flown by the use of aperture in the vital edge of the wing. The paraglider is balanced underneath the wing on a harness, while having paraglide controls in his hands. There are a wide range of flying conditions and sites that cater for the beginner through intermediate to advanced pilots. Whether it is the laminar sea breezes of Goa, to the more thermic flying conditions of the Western Ghats or whether it is the tiny bumps in the grounds, to the table top land at Panchgani or the peaks in the Himalayas, they are all here in one country. World-class equipments used for paragliding are now available in Mumbai, that too at cheap rates. India offers the longest flying season from September to March. Mumbai climatic conditions are good enough to endorse the sport and areas like Western Ghats, Panchghani, etc are beautiful to soar in the air. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to take off in the clouds, race with the birds and bring out the sport in you. India has the longest flying season extending from September to March with some flying possible even in the off-season. To top all this; world famous equipment is now available in Mumbai and at unbeatable prices for this fast developing market.

Paragliding Schools in Mumbai:

Here are the most popular paragliding schools:

(1)Temple Pilots (Pune & Mumbai)

Contact Person: Anita & Avi

Kamdhenu Riddhi, C-25 S. No. 54/11,

Mahatma Society, Kothrud,

Pune 411029 India

Phone: (O) +91-20-25388621

Phone: (M) +91-9823384654

Email: paraglide@templepilots.com

Homepage: http://www.templepilots.com

(2)Nirvana Adventures (Pune & Mumbai)

Contact Person: Astrid & Sanjay Rao

2/A Takshashila apartments

Tagore Road, Santacruz west

Mumbai 400 054 India

Phone (O): +91-22-26053724

Phone (M): +91-9821430798

Phone (M): +91-09323708809

Telefax: +91 22 26493110

Email: info@nirvanaadventures.com

Homepage: Homepage: http://www.nirvanaadventures.com

(3)Wings and Flights (Pune & Mumbai)

Contact Person: Eric Menezes & Mangesh Dighe

Tupe Nagar, Malwadi,

Near Sadhana High School, Hadapsar,

Pune, India.

Phone (O): +91-9371033226

Phone (R): +91-20-26874184

Phone (M): +91-9822023790

Email : uipa@eth.net

Homepage: http://www.paraglidingindia.com

(4)Space Apple (Mumbai)

Contact Person: Samson D’Silva

“Ish-Krupa” Gajbhat, Next to Catholic Bank,

Agashi, Virar (W), Mumbai 401301

Phone (O): +91-2502586764

Phone (M): +91-9822499281

Email : info@spaceapple.com

Homepage: http://www.spaceapple.com

(5)Western Paragliding Association (Mumbai)

Laksh Aviation Pvt. Ltd.

5 Siddhisadan, S.V.P Road, Borivli (W), Bombay 400103 India

Phone (O): +91-22-28934803

Phone (O): +91-22-39519152

Phone (M): +91-9819022353

Email : admin@airandadventure.com or admin@westernparaglidingassociation.com

Homepage: http://www.westernparaglidingassociation.com

Pubs & Bars In Mumbai

About Mumbai Pubs & Bars:

Unlike any other part of India, boozing is very common in Mumbai. Apart from the hours of darkness, a person having a shot in daylight is nothing exceptional. The cosmopolitan culture has very much penetrated into the Island city, where you can find top-notch pubs and bars, serving the finest liquor, in the most elegant manner. The superb ambiance, along with sophisticated bartenders, presents the most-excellent site of the metro.

Best for Night Lovers of Mumbai for Drinks, Sea foods and Late Night parties, List Of Pub Cum Discos With Addresses Contact Numbers Near Santacruz Airport and other locations which accepts Credit Cards, Bombays Nightlife.

Mumbaikars usually spend their evenings in the glitterati, while quenching their thirst for potable sauces and spirits. Coolers are other great option to chill out and lighten up. Most of the hotels have their own bars that happen to be their pride too. Foreigners are frequent visitors in the pubs & bars of such hotels, especially in areas like Bandra West. Here is a list of popular pubs and bars in the Mumbai city of India.Here is the list of Pubs & bars in mumbai with their address and contact number and their website.

Name and Information Address
Velvet Lounge
The hip Lounge Bar is the perfect place to unwind with great Mediterranean food. Guest can enjoy with cocktail and mocktails.


#2 & 3B, Near Chinmayanand Ashram, Powai
Mumbai 400087

Tel:+(91)-(22) 66928888
Fax:+(91)-(22) 66928899

Cafe Mondegar
Located Next to Regal Cinema, it is one of the South Bombay’s popular hangouts, especially for the college student. Popularly known as Mondy’s, it serves only beers. Avg meal for two: Rs. 400
Shahid Bhagat Singh Road 5A Metro House, Colaba, Near Regal Cinema
Mumbai – 400 001

Tel:+(91)-(22) 2202 0591

It’s a 2 minute drive from the famous Taj Mahal hotel opposite gateway of India and Radio Club. The variety of beverages that they serve is quite amazing, Wines, Scotches, Vodkas, Shooters, Cocktails, Mock tails etc.
41/44 Minoo Desai Marg, behind Radio Club Colaba
Mumbai – 400 001

Tel:+(91)-(22) 22028699 / 280 5155

Harbour Bar
Established in 1933, Harbour Bar is Mumbai’s oldest bar, here guests can savour the finest martinis, champagnes and Cigars. Hours: 11:30 am — 3:00 pm 6:30 pm — 1:30 am


The Taj Mahal Palace & Tower, Apollo Bunder
Mumbai – 400 001

Tel:+(91)-(22)-6665 3366
Fax:+(91)-(22)-66650323 /24

The Library
The Library is an elegent bar at hotel The Taj President lined with timeless classics. It is a well stocked bar with a varieties of fine wines, liquors and spirits.


90, Cuffe Parade,
Mumbai – 400 005

Tel:+(91)-(22) 6665 0808
Fax:+(91)-(22) 6665 0303

Fort Area
Lido Bar
Located at Ritz hotel, The Lido is a popular haunt of all celebrates from all walks of life. It serves exotic Italian cuisine and cocktails.
Ritz Hotel, 5 Jamshedji Tata Road Churchgate
Mumbai 400020

Tel:+(91)-(22) 2282 0141

Nariman Point
Geoffrey’s is a english stylish pub which is an old-time favorite with most of the office crowd around the corporate Nariman Point area. A fine selection of scotch, malts and wines combined with an interesting selection of international cuisine makes an unforgettable experience. Open: 12pm to midnight


29, Marine Drive
Mumbai – 400 020

Tel:+(91)-(22) 22851212
Fax:+(91)-(22) 22828585.

The bayview bar
Located in the Oberoi hotel, it has a fine collection of single malt whiskies, cocktails. and top quality Cuban cigars. Open: 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. daily. In the evenings things liven up on the dance floor with a jazz band.


Nariman Point,
Mumbai – 400 021

Tel:+(91)-(22) 6632 5757
Fax:+(91)-(22) 6632 4142

Located at the loby level , Czar is the ideal venue to enjoy a favourite drink. The bar has voted Mumbai’s most Romantic Restaurant of the year 2005-2006.


Intercontinental Hotels, Marine Drive

Tel:+(91)-(22) 3987-9999
Tel:+(91)-(22) 39879600

6 Degrees
One of the finest cosmopolitan bar is located in the lobby of The Hotel Leela Kempenski, very close to the International Airport. You can order any liquor brand from here. It serves the choicest of wines, cocktails and mocktails.


Sahar, Andheri (E),
Mumbai – 400 059

Tel:+(91)-(22) 6691 1234/19/20
Fax:+(91)-(22) 6691 1212/1452

The Bar
If you want to relax after your bustling life, go to the The bar, it serves an admirable variety of whiskeys and single malts. Hours: 5:00 pm onwards


Hyatt Regency Mumbai Sahar Airport Road,
Mumbai – 400 099

Tel:+(91)-(22) 6696 1234
Fax:+(91)-(22) 6696 1235

Hawaiian Shack
Hawaiian Shack is a boat-shaped bar, well dressed waiters in colorful Hawaiian shirts and straw hats. They provide all kinds of alcohol and cocktails. The liquor is very affordable and the crowd is diverse. Entry fee of Rs 400 to Rs 600.
339 16th Road, Opposite Mini Punjab, Pali Hill, Bandra West
Mumbai 400050

Tel:+(91)-(22) 2605 8753

Irish Pub
As the name suggests, the Irish Pub is a theme pub stylised on Irish culture. It has a decent selection of exotic cocktails and mocktails. Choose from a range of themes and schemes that change over the days, be it Karaoke Nights, Ladies’ Night, Candlelight Dinners, and Irish Club Night.
S.V. Road, Khar (W)
Mumbai 400052

Tel:+(91)-(22) 2648 0146, 2648 5421

Atrium Lounge
Atrium Lounge is a perfect place for informal meetings and simple relax over a drink. Come and enjoy with Live Piano music from 4 p.m. to midnight.


Taj Lands End Band Stand, Bandra (West),
Mumbai 400050

Tel:+(91)-(22) 6668 1234
Fax:+(91)-(22) 6699 4488

Boat Club
Boat Club is a great party place with a boat decor. It offers good retro music accompanied by excellent cocktails served by beautiful waitresses. Amazing DJ, great food and great folks must visit.
Pali Presidency Bandra Parimal Tank, Pali Naka Pali Road, Bandra (W)
Mumbai 400050

Tel:+(91)-(22) 2643-9726

Olive Bar & Kitchen
Olive Bar & Kitchen is a stylish elegant mellow place to relax and unwind. Every night is packed with a high number of celebrities and models.
14 Union Park Near Pali Hill Tourist Hotel, Khar (W)
Mumbai 400050

Tel:+(91)-(22) 2605- 8228

Temptation does not boasts a very large number of signature cocktails, but even the common Bloody Mary and Blue Lagoon are mixed to perfection. It is always be crowed. Open: 12.00 pm – 12.00 am
Hotel Metro Plaza, 355, Ramdas Nayak Road (Hill Road) Bandra (W)
Mumbai 400050

Tel:+(91)-(22) 2642 7311/7022

Tian Resto Bar
A unique multi-level restaurant and bar is located in Juhu that provides a full list of drinks and a wide array of snaks. It is an ideal venue to enjoy music and taste authentic drinks. Avg. cost: Rs.600.
48 Gulmohar Road, Juhu Scheme,
Mumbai – 400 049.

Tel:+(91)-(22) 66914425

On Toes Pub
It is located near Juhu at a place called Sahkari Bhandar or Vile Parle ShoppingCentre. On Toes is the one place in the suburbs which is always rocking and full of life. They provide vegetarian and non-vegetarian food with the finest cocktails and mocktails. The DJ does a swell job with a perfect mix of the 60s,80s as well as the tehno of today.


7, Mithla Shopping Centre, V. Mehta Road, J.V.P.D. Scheme
Mumbai – 400 049.

Tel:+(91)-(22) 2614 4274, 2615 3173
Fax:+(91)-(22) 2619 4453

The Shooters Bar
Shooters is a great place to rock, hip hop music and excellent ambience. Located at The Ramada Plaza Palm Grove, it serves an array of liquors, liqueurs and wines complemented with a variety of lip smacking snacks.
Juhu Beach
Mumbai – 400 049


Merlin’s Bar
Warm tones and comfortable seating give Merlin’s a quaint charm. It serves cocktails, stirred, shaken and blended to perfection. A wide selection of Indian and imported liquor is also available. Get 50% discount on liqour between 4p-8p. There is a live band throughout the week and karaoke everyday from 11a-3p.


The Orchid Adjacent to the Domestic Airport Nehru Road, Vile parle (E)
Mumbai 400 099


Merlin’s Bar
Warm tones and comfortable seating give Merlin’s a quaint charm. It serves cocktails, stirred, shaken and blended to perfection. A wide selection of Indian and imported liquor is also available. Get 50% discount on liqour between 4p-8p. There is a live band throughout the week and karaoke everyday from 11a-3p.


The Orchid Adjacent to the Domestic Airport Nehru Road, Vile parle (E)
Mumbai 400 099


The Pub
This trendy bar is located at lobby level at hotel Eastern International hotel. It is a nice place to chill out with a cup of wine accompanied by live band music.


Balraj Sahani Marg Juhu Beach
Mumbai – 400 049

Tel:+(91)-(22)-6693 4444
Fax:+(91)-(22)-6693 4455

More list of pubs and bars in mumbai:

Arbour BarTaj Mahal Hotel, Colaba

Tel : 56653366

InsomniaThe Taj Mahal Palace & Tower, Apollo Bunder

Tel : 56653366

Rock BottomHotel Ramee Guest line, AB Nair Road, Juhu

Tel : 56935555

Sutra clubIntercontinental, The Grand Sahara Airport Rd, Andheri (E)

Tel : 66992222


VelocityFilm Centre, 2nd flr, Tardeo,Haji Ali

Tel : 23514343

Cafe Mondegar5A Metro House, Colaba Causeway, Near Regal Cinema, Colaba

Tel : 22020591

Czar PubIntercontinental Hotel, 135 Marine drive, Churchgate

Tel : 56399999

The Lobby BarWelcome Group Sea Rock Land’s End Rd, Bandra(W)

Tel : 26425454

Ghetto30 B Bhulabhai Desai Rd, Near Mahalaxmi Temple, Beach Candy

Tel : 23538418

Olive Bar & Kitchen14 Union Park,near Pali Hill Tourist Hotel, Khar (W)

Tel : 26058228


The Score PubNarang House, 1st floor, 34 Chhatrapati Shivaji Marg, Apollo Bunder, Colaba

Tel : 22829934

Tropic BarTaj Lands End, Band Stand (W)

Tel : 56681234

AuraRodas Ecotel Hotel, Central Avenue, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai

Tel : 56936969

Happy Hours: 5 – 8pm.

IndusBehind Taj Mahal Hotel, Apollo Bunder

Tel : 22021661

Open: for lunch & dinner all days of the week.


TemptationHotel Metro Palace Pvt. Ltd, 355 Ramdas Nayak Road, Bandra(W)

Tel : 26427311/ 2702233/ 26433537

CitrusThe Leela Kempinski, Sahar

Tel : 56911359/60

Casual dinning Restaurant and bar


Cigar DivanLe Royal Meridien Sahar, Airport Road, Andheri(E)

Tel : 28380000

Soona Mahal, Marine DriveTel : 22851876

Happy Hours: 6 – 8pm.


Leopold CafeColaba Causeway, Near electric house, Colaba

Tel : 22020131

Eighty’s: The Nostalgia BARSheetal Arch, 230 Linking Rd, Bandra(W)

Tel : 26454082

Happy Hours: Mon – Thurs 12 – 8.30pm

The Sports Bar17C & D, High Street, Phoenix, Senapati BapatMarg, Lower Parel

Tel : 24914000

Happy Hours: Sun – Tue & Thurs 6.30 – 8.30pm, Wed 6.30pm – 12am.

SevenShopper’s Stop, Linking Road, Bandra(W)

Tel : 39507640

Club IX PubPali Hill, Dr Ambedkar Rd, Khar (W)

Tel : 26465133 / 4

DublinITC Grand Central Sheraton & Towers, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Road, Parel

Tel : 24101010

Rain14 Silver Beach Estate, AB Nair Rd, Juhu

Tel : 26239666

Seijo & the soul Dish206 Krystal,Waterfeild Rd, Bandra(W)

Tel : 26405555

TigsTian Resto Bar, 48 Gulmohur Road, Near Sony World, Juhu

Tel : 56914425

Happy Hours: 7 – 10pm.

Head QuartersCafe Royal, M G Road, Colaba

Tel : 2288-3982


Far EastHiranandani Gardens, Powai

Tel : 56936969


Polly EsthersGordon House Hotel, 5, Battery Street, Appolo Bunder, Colaba

Tel : 22871122

AzianoPhoenix Mills, Garden Court, Block 16, Opp Quorum, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel

Open: Wed-sun 9:00pm to 1:30 am

Behind BarsLotus Suites, Andheri-Kurla Road, Andheri(W)

Tel : 28270343/ 28270707

Small disco dine and dance.


AvalonHotel Bawa International Nehru Road Extension, Vile Parle

Tel : 26113636

Martini BarGrand Hyatt, off Western Express Highway, Santacruz (E)

Tel : 66761234


The Merlins

The Orchid, Adjacent to Domestic Airport, Western Express Highway, Santacruz(E)

Tel : 26164040

Happy Hours: 4-8pm.


Bombay HighITC Hotel Grand Maratha Sheraton & Towers, Sahar

Tel : 28303030


TavernFariyas Hotel, off Arthur Bunder Rd, Colaba

Tel : 22042911

Open: 12pm-12am.

Happy Hours: Mon – Thurs 6 – 8pm.


Purple Haze302 Landmark,Pali Naka,off Turner Rd, Bandra west

Tel : 55022200


Geoffrey’s: The PubHotel Marne Plaza , 29 Marine Drive , Churchgate

Tel : 22851212


The DomeThe InterContinental Marine Drive, 135 Marine Drive

Tel : 56399999

Six DegreesThe Leela Hotel,Sahar, Andheri(E)

Tel : 56911333


DuskGolden Orchid,155 Waterfield Rd, Bandra (W)

Tel : 66992200

Indigo4 Mandlik Rd, off Colaba Causeway, Colaba

Tel : 66368999

One of the happening places in Colaba.


Garden BarLe Royal Meridian, Sahar Airport Road, Andheri (E)

Tel : 28380000


Toto’s garagePali Naka, Bandra(W)

Tel : 26435494

J 49148 B Juhu Tara Rd, Juhu

Tel : 26184546

Happy Hours: 7 – 9pm.

Red LightKhyber, 145 MG Rd, Kala Ghoda

Tel : 56346249

The Sports BarGround Floor, Regal Cinema Building, Shahid Bhagat Singh Road, Colaba

Tel : 56396681

ShootersLinking Road, Near National College, In Lane Opp. Gazebo Restaurant, Bandra (W)

Tel : 26481526, 26482780

Open: 7:00pm -1:30am

Trafalgar ChowkAgnelo Building, Khadeshwari Mandir Marg, Off St. John the Baptist Road, Bandra (W)

Tel : 26459151

Open: 7:30 pm – 12:30 am

Fashion CafeDalia Estate, near Fun Republic, New Link Road,Andheri (W)

Tel : 26733333

Open: 7:00pm to 2:00 am

Squeeze5th Road, S.V. Road, Opp Regency banquet Hall, Khar (W)

Tel : 26489311

The Tasting RoomGood Earth, Raghvanshi Mills Compound, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel

Tel : 55220440

Karma534, SVP Road, near Sukh Sagar, Opera House

Tel : 23617171

IllusionsAcres Lifestyle Club, Hemu Kalani Marg, Chembur

Tel : 25222731

Grand CanyonHotel Kumaria Presidency, Andheri-Kurla Rd, Andheri (E)

Tel : 28352603

Fluid SpiceOpp Versova Telephone Exchange, Lokhandwala Road, Andheri (W)

Tel : 26364884


EnigmaJW Marriott, Juhu Tara Road, Juhu

Tel : 66933000


Opium DenThe Oberoi Hotel, Nariman Point

Tel : 66326320

Happy Hours: 6-8pm.


BelugaInterContinental Hotels, Sahar Airport Rd

Tel : 56992222

Open: 12 noon to midnight


StarboardTaj Mahal Hotel, Colaba

Tel : 66653366


Zenzi183 Waterfield Rd, Bandra(W)

Tel : 56430670/ 56490135

Open: 12noon to midnight


Busaba4 Mandlik Rd, Colaba, Causeway, Colaba

Tel : 22043779

Open: 7pm to midnight


Irish PubRamee Guestline Hotel, Near Khar Station, 757 SV Rd, Khar (W)

Tel : 26480146


The BarGrand Hyatt, off. WE Highway, Santacruz (E)

Tel : 56761234


On toes7 Mithila, Shopping Centre, V Mehta Rd, JVPD, Scheme

Tel : 26144274


Bay ViewThe Oberoi, Nariman Point

Tel : 66326220


Cirkus CirkusLotus Suites, Andheri Kurla Rd, International Airport Zone, Andheri (E)

Tel : 28270707

Open: 10:30am to 1:30pm


TaxiJony Castle Building, Khatau Road, Off Wodehouse Road, Colaba

Tel : 22184904


Alps-Bar / PubNowroji Furdonji Road, Behind Taj Intercontinental, Colaba

Tel : 22045042

Open: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm


Bohemia5, Juhu Tara Road, Juhu

Tel : 26101845


Club Escape3-A Crystal Plaza, Near Fame Adlabs, New Link Road, Andheri (W)

Tel : 55021691


Salt Water GrillGirgaum Chowpatty, Next to H2O Water Sports Complex

Tel : 9892578494


Starters & MoreKambatta Building, Eros Theatre, 1st Floor, East Wing, MK Road, Churchgate

Tel : 56315871


MadnessRamee Guestline Hotel, Near Khar Station, SV Rd, Khar (W)

Tel : 26480146


PoisonKrystal Bldg, G 001/b, 206, Patkar Marg, behind Waterfield Rd, Bandra (W)

Tel : 26423006


Hawaiian Shack16th Road, Opposite Pal’s Fish Corner, Bandra (W)

Tel : 26058753


Here is a list of popular pubs and bars in the Mumbai city of India:

  • Apollo Bar, Taj Mahal Hotel
  • Avalon, Hotel Bawa International
  • Bayview Bar, The Oberoi
  • Bayview Bar, The Oberoi
  • Blackout, Hotel Host-Inn
  • Blue Camel At Sheetal Again, Juhu
  • Bonaparte’s, Leela Kempinski
  • Campus Pub, Vile Parle (East)
  • Cloud 9, Banjara Bar & Restaurant
  • Harbour Bar, Taj Mahal Hotel
  • Havoc, Bandra (West)
  • Illusions, Bandra (West)
  • KK’s, Bandra
  • Lancers’ Bar, The Oberoi Towers
  • Leopold Café, Colaba Causeway
  • The Library, President Hotel
  • Madness, Khar (West)
  • Mahogany, Hotel Centaur
  • Mirage, Hotel Ramada Palm Grove
  • On Toes, Vile Parle (West)
  • Orchid, Chembur (East)
  • Pub, Holiday Inn
  • Razzberry Rhinoceros, Juhu
  • Sip ‘N’ Dip, Malad (West)
  • Tavern, Colaba
  • The Ghetto Pub, Mahalaxmi
  • Toto’s Garage, Bandra (West)
  • Top Brass, Hotel Fition
  • Vintage, Byculla Station
  • Water’s Edge, Malad (West)
  • Yoyo’s Pub, Amrit Keshav Naik Marg
  • Irish Pub, Khar (West)
  • Boat Club, Bandra (West)
  • The Shooters, Juhu Beach

Shopping Malls In Mumbai

About Mumbai Shopping Malls:

Malls have become the latest trend of shopping in cities, where people don’t have much time to go to different places for buying various things. The malls have changed the idea of old shopping, when people used to shop in different markets, while sweating and holding several bags at the same time. Bombay is not unmarked by the vogue of shopping malls that offer the ultimate shopping experience. Actually, Mumbai is dotted with colossal malls, both specialized and assorted ones. For shopping and hangout, Below are list of famous malls in Mumbai and suburb locations. Also there is a list of upcoming malls (Which might already have started when you reading this) in City suburbs and Navi Mumbai Locations like Vashi. Also some huge AC malls in thane and central locations like Mulund and Chembur stations.Mumbai is like a paradise for shopping lovers. Apart from the usual market for shopping, the city is also full of malls that cater to everyone – right from brand conscious people to those looking for reasonable items. The concept of shopping malls has enabled people to shop for everything under one roof, without having to roam around under the naked glare of the sun. Most of them also comprise of cinema halls, so that you can easily spend the entire day at a single place. Read on further to know about the shopping malls in the Bombay city of India. The specialized ones deal in sports items, wedding, jewelry etc. Whereas, other malls have almost everything, ranging from clothes, shoes, things of daily need, restaurants, designer watches & purses, games court, electronics, music galleries, beauty salons to lounge. The main purpose behind shopping malls is to ensure comfortable shopping to the people, where they can park their car, leave children in their favorite game court, shopping to their heart’s content from various outlets and finally, munch at the best restaurant.Here is the list of all malls in mumbai with their address and phone number and location.

Name and Information


Multiplex Mall
One of the hottest spot in Mulund area, R Mall is a place where people from everyplace gather to spend their weekends. The food and entertainment situated on the third floor is a great family experience. It has kid games, Multiplex, Pub, Classy Restaurants, Pizza Hut and many more. You will find Jewellery, Sarees, Music, Leather articles, Linen, books, Grocery, Home Products etc.
Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg Mulund (W)
Mumbai 400 080

Tel:+(91)-(22)-5555-4143 / 5555-4144

Inorbit Shopping Mall
Asia’s biggest mall in the city is located in Western Suburb. There you get all availability shopping such as stylish garments, accessories,, cosmetics, appliances, furnitures etc. everything, whatever you want in a very good place to hang. It houses 4 screen multiplex.


Mindspace, New Link Rd Malad (W)
Mumbai 400 064


Hypercity Mall
This sprawling two storied mall has recently opened in the city’s fast changing suburb of Malad. On the ground floor, it houses common super market but in the second floor it houses technology products like mobile phones, laptops, notebook computers, computers and computer accessories. Store Hours: Monday – Sunday – 11.00 am to 10.00 pm
Next to Inorbit Mall Malad Link Road Malad (West)
Mumbai 400 064


Atria Mall
One of the best mall in Mumbai. It is not as big as In-orbit Mall at Malad but the atmosphere is good. The mall is a five level complex, the ground, I, II & III levels consist of large showrooms, departmental stores with a variety of national and international brands. While on IVth level of the complex is entertainment with Video Games, Pool, Bowling alley and the Food Court.


Royal Garden, Dr. Annie Beasant Road, Worli,
Mumbai 400 018

Tel:+(91)-(22)-491 07 01

Crossroads mall
It is one of the first ever full fledged shopping mall in the city. Opened in 1999, the mall covers an area of 150,000 square feet, spread over four buildings. Crossroads is a place where you get a designer labels, its a place for higher middle class and above people people who have flair towards the branded cloths. Hundreds of people from every corner visit this mall.
Royal Garden, Dr. Annie Beasant Road, Worli,
Mumbai 400 018

Tel:+(91)-(22)-491 07 01

City Mall
Centrally Air-Conditioned Shopping Mall is located in Andheri. It also houses a Mulitplex theatres.
Link Road, Andheri West,
Mumbai 400 053


Phoenix Mall
Phoenix Mall is Mumbai’s largest shopping and entertainment destination. It contains McDonalds, Provogue, Big Bazaar, Pantaloons, Lifestyle, Adidas, Reebok etc. One of the newest things to come to this mall is a multi-level parking, which is slated to be the first of it’s kind in India.


462, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel,
Mumbai 400 013

Tel:+(91)-(22)-2496 4307 / 8 / 9
Fax:+(91)-(22)-2493 8388

General Malls
Sunrays Shopping Center
This centrally air conditioned mall is located in Western Suburb. It is one of the best shopping arcade for the residents of Kandivali.


Charkop Main Market, Next to Apna Bazar,
Kandivali (W)
Mumbai – 400 067

Tel:+(91)-(22)3952 3030

Huma Mall
Located in Kanjurmarg, Huma Mall is very tiny. it is a factory outlet stores and one restaurant. It also houses the Huma Adlabs Multiplex 4 screen, 2 on each floor.
L.B.S.marg, Near Kanjurmarg station, Kanjurmarg(w)
Mumbai – 400 078

Tel:+(91)-(22)9820744845 /25781845

Center One
Center One is the only one mall in Vashi, located near the railway station. It boasts a variety of large and small retailers, including Pantaloons and Food Bazaar, as well as a number of fast food joints and franchises.
Sector No. 30 / A, Vash
Navi Mumbai

Tel:+(91)-(22)2781 2222

V Mall
This 3 storeyed V Mall houses eating zone, games, music patrons & beauty conscious. With a grand entrance lobby, unhindered walking space, aesthetic exteriors and landscaped gardens, V Mall provides an amazing variety of national and international brands..
Western Express Highway, Kandivali (East)

Five Biggest and Best Malls in Mumbai :

1. High Street Phoenix

The tall chimneys at the conveniently located High Street Phoenix mall give away the fact that this area used to be full of textile mills before it was redeveloped. The highlight of the mall is its swanky Skyzone shopping space, full of premium national and international stores. These are located along side cheaper retail outlets to suit all budgets. You’ll also find a courtyard containing food shops, bowling alley, gaming arcade, and sports bar. After shopping in the evening, head to nearby Blue Frog to hear some excellent live music.

* Address: 462 Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai.

* Opening Hours: 9.30 a.m. until 9.30 p.m. daily.

* Stores: Provogue, Big Bazaar, Pantaloons, Lifestyle, Lacoste, Mogra, Tommy Hilfiger, Next, Planet M.

2. Atria Millenium Mall

Looking for luxury products and international designer brands? You’ll find them at this mall. The five level Atria mall had a star-studded opening in mid 2006, and has remained popular as it’s one of the few malls that are centrally located in Mumbai. The Eco Corner store is worth checking out for its unique range of environmentally friendly home and bath accessories, made by villagers. In addition to shops and a food court, this mall also has a 4-D cinema and large entertainment zone.

* Address: Dr. Annie Beasant Road, Worli, (next to the Planetarium, near Haji Ali).

* Opening Hours: 11 a.m. until 10 p.m. daily.

* Stores: Mango, Nine West, La Senza, Aldo, Pepe Jeans, Benetton, Anita Dongre, Peter England, Sony, and a Rolls Royce showroom.

3. InOrbit Mall

Inorbit, with its 1.2 million square feet of space, is one of the largest malls in South East Asia. The ground floor is mostly occupied by major British department stores. There are also a number of Indian designer fashion outlets, and an Australian cookie bakery. The first floor is full of national and international clothing brands, a music store, and bookstore. The top floor has been exclusively devoted to food and entertainment, and includes a kids play area. The drawback? The mall is in the outer suburbs.

* Address: Link Road, Malad (outer western Mumbai).

* Opening Hours: 11 a.m. until 9.30 p.m. daily.

* Stores: Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle, Spencers, Crosswords Bookstore, Provogue, Adidas, Marks & Spencer, Body Shop, Fame Multiplex Cinema.

4. Oberoi Mall

The classy Oberoi Mall opened in mid 2008, and offers 500,000 square feet of shopping, dining and entertainment. It features a large central atrium with an uninterrupted view of every shop front within the mall. The attractions of this mall are the Lifestyle Home Center outlet, and the Central department store. Find cosmetics, perfumes, and accessories on the ground floor, and clothing and sportswear on the second floor. The mall’s third level has a large food court and gaming area.

* Address: Oberoi Garden City, Off Western Express Highway, Goregoan East, Mumbai.

* Opening Hours: 10 a.m. until 10 p.m.

* Stores: Lifestyle, Central, PVR Cinemas, Debenhams, Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas, Adams Kids, Gloria Jeans Coffee, Giordano, Pepe, Spykar, and Gas.

5. Infiniti Mall

This three level mall isn’t as big as some, but it still has plenty of clothing, jewelry, electronics, and music stores. Anyone who loves books will appreciate the fantastic Landmark bookstore that can be found there. The mall also has a food court and children’s entertainment area.

* Address: New Link Road, Andheri West, Mumbai.

* Opening Hours: 10 a.m. until 10 p.m.

* Stores: Westside, Provogue, Food Bazaar, Reebok, Planet M, Adidas, Archies, Raymonds, Lee, Nike, Benetton, Esprit, Landmark Bookstore, CineMax Multiplex Cinema.
More List Of Malls in Mumbai :

  • Atria Shopping Mall
    Royal Garden
    Dr. Annie Besant Road, Worli
  • CR 2 Shopping Mall
    Nariman Point
  • Galleria Shopping Mall
    Hiranandani Garden
  • Grand Hyatt Plaza
    Off Western Express Highway
    Santacruz (East)
  • High Street Phoenix
    Senapati Bapat Marg
    Lower Parel
  • Infinity Shopping Mall
    Andheri (West)
  • Inorbit Shopping Mall
    New Link Road, Malad (West)
  • Nirmal Lifestyles
    Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg
    Mulund (West)
  • Orchid City Centre
    Bellasis Road
    Mumbai Central
  • R-Mall
    Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg
    Mulund (West)
  • V Mall
    Western Express Highway
    Kandivali (East)
  • Center One
    Near Vashi Railway Station
    Navi Mumbai
  • Huma Mall
    L.B.S. Marg
    Near Kanjurmarg Station, Kanjurmarg(West)
  • Sunrays Shopping Center
    Charkop Main Market
    Next to Apna Bazar, Kandivali (West)
  • Phoenix Mall
    Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel
  • City Mall
    Link Road, Andheri West
  • Crossroads Mall
    Royal Garden
    Dr. Annie Beasant Road, Worli
  • Hypercity Mall
    Next to Inorbit Mall
    Malad Link Road, Malad (West)
  • R-Mall, Mulund (West)
  • Phoenix Mall, Lower Parel
  • Atria Mall, Worli
  • Crossroads mall, Worli
  • City Mall, Andheri (West)
  • Sunrays Shopping Center, Borivali
  • Inorbit Shopping Mall, Malad (West)
  • Hypercity Mall, Malad (West)
  • Center One, Navi Mumbai
  • Infinity Mall, Andheri (West)

Nightlife Of Mumbai

About Mumbai Nightlife:

Mumbai is an example of a city impacted by rapid urbanisation and globalisation with the challenges of high population growth and is the largest city in the western Indian state of Maharashtra. It stands as one of the top six largest agglomerations in the world. It is a coastal city of around 18.1 million people with a deep natural bay. As the sun goes down, anybody and everybody – old and young, rich and poor, find some thing to do in their own style and taste. Besides the lounge parlors, discotheques entertain a big deal of night traffic in the city. You can hear the music of the perky DJs whilst swinging to their beats. Nightlife had always been active in Mumbai, but in the presence of silver-screen stars, leading millionaires and high-profile society, it has become even more happening. Lolling on low couch, seizing the soft cushions with soothing music and taking a sip of the premium liquor, doesn’t that seem great? Yes, this and much more is awaiting you at the nightclubs of Bombay.The happening nightclubs of Mumbai City offers the best choice to spend your nights awakening and enjoying. The clubs, bars and lounges are scattered all around the city from Colaba to Andheri and suit most pockets and age groups. But the youngsters remain on move from club to club to find music that suites their taste and sooths their soul. Hunting for the celebrities is also passion of some people but spotting a celebrity really adds glamour to the night out.The Nightlife in Mumbai is deceitful enough for anyone to spend an entire stay in Mumbai partying in fantastic clubs and then recovering in your hotel room the following day – this is one Indian city that really never sleeps.

General Information About Mumbai Nightlife:

  • Famous Night : Spots Rock Bottom, Squeeze, Insomnia, Enigma, Zenzi and Aaziano
  • Night life Activities : Driving, Strolling on Beaches, Eating at Road Side Dhabas
  • Hanging Out Zones : Marine Drive, Chowpatty Beach, Nariman Point and Fort Road
  • Time Line : 10 PM to 04 AM

Famous Discotheque in Mumbai :

Fire N Ice Discotheque :

  • Highlights: Biggest Night Club in India. Holds 1000 – 1200 People and Have in House Studio.
  • Timings:9 pm Onwards.

Zenzi Night Club:

  • Highlights:European Bar Serving French Food.
  • Timings:10 pm Owards.

Insomnia Night Club:

  • Highlights: Mumbai’s most Happening Night Club, Spread Over 5000 Square feet of Floor Space.
  • Timings: 9 pm Onwards.

Prive Night Club:

  • Highlights: The Ice Bar and Lotus seating sections.
  • Timings: 9.00 pm – 1.30 am.

Famous Rock Discotheque :

Not Just Jazz by the Bay – Open Seven Days a Week From 6 pm to 2 am.

Must Visit Exhibition Pub:

The Zenzi Pub of Bandra Where Along with Dancing You can View the Photographs in its Exhibition.

Most Famous Evening Hangouts :

Nariman Point and Juhu Chowpatty – For Eating, Bandra’s Band Stand for Enjoying Culinary Delights.

Must Try :

Tea at Nariman Point, Chicken and Paneer Rolls From Bade Mia – a Stall Behind Taj Hotel.

Night Hunting :

Late Evening Shopping at Linking Road for Cheap Yet Fair Products.

Inside Tip :

Most of the Discotheque have Special Ladies Night. Some of the Discos are Closed on Specific Days and Require Reservations in Advance .

Don’t Miss Evening Delicacies Spicy Vada-pau, Bhelpuri, Pani-Puri and Munching the Roasted Peanuts from the street Vendors or on the Beaches.

More About Mumbai Nightlife:

Although Western music is popular and has the buff and the gorgeous strutting their stuff every night of the week, Mumbaiikers (thankfully) have a deep passion for contemporary Hindi songs as well, and it’s not unusual to spot young studs demonstrating the choreographed rhythms of MTV India’s latest local video, much to the delight of their female companions. There are literally dozens of nightspots in the city, the most attractive being in the five-star hotels or in Colaba, Bandra, or Juhu. For the most up-to-date news on what’s hot and what’s not, talk to your concierge, because the nightclub scene changes rapidly. Here’s a list of some of the most popular watering holes in early 2003 — and the ones most likely to continue to stay in top gear. The phrase – ‘city that never sleeps’, goes right with the most-happening city of India, Mumbai. The sparkling conurbation gleams all the more in the hours of darkness, when lights illuminate and music reverberates in its streets. It’s for sure that its rocking nightclubs would buoy up your bashing spirits. With the growing influence of western culture, copious numbers of nightclubs, discotheques, lounge and bars have turned up, enhancing the nightlife of Mumbai. Herewith, the nocturnal tourists have got a wide range of places to select from. Hidden behind two massive glass doors, the Library Bar at the Taj President Hotel is a classy watering hole aimed at businesspeople and high rollers. Despite the plush, sophisticated decor, the atmosphere is pleasantly laid-back. There’s live music from Tuesday to Sunday. Marine Drive, Chowpatty beach, Nariman Point and Fort Road are fairly active places at night with shops and restaurants open well past 23:00. If you are looking to go drinking and dancing, then here are a few places you can visit.

Insomnia Night Club Mumbai:

Insomnia is widely regarded as the most popular night club in Mumbai. Frequented by film stars and spread over 5,000sqft of floor space, it is a place worth visiting for the experience.

Location: In the Taj Mahal Palace and Tower, at Apollo Bandar, Colaba, about 30 minutes from central Mumbai.

Zenzi Pub Mumbai:

This pub is popular among the ‘wanna be’ starlets and expats. It has bright orange décor that really hits you the first time you visit. Another highlight of the place is the photography exhibitions that Zenzi hosts. So when you are tired of drinking, making conversation or dancing, just head over and check the photos out for a while. Some popular cameramen get showcased here.

Location: 183 Waterfield Road, Bandra West, very close to central Mumbai.

Not Just Jazz by the Bay in South Mumbai:

This is the only Jazz club in South Mumbai. Here, there are live performances by jazz, blues, pop and rock performers. Functional all seven days, it is open from six in the evening to two in the morning. You might want to avoid the Karaoke night on Monday. Otherwise if you are looking to see some of the best contemporary Indian and foreign artists perform, this is the place to be.

Location: Marine Drive, southern Mumbai, about half an hour’s drive from central Mumbai.

Night at Prithvi Theatre:

If you are looking at taking in a play in this is where you should head. Mumbai has a fairly active stage life. This theatre is named for Prithvi Raj Kapoor, the head of the Kapoor family, often dubbed the Royal Family of Bollywood. The theatre is managed by a granddaughter of the veteran actor. They have both English and Hindi-language plays here. Book your ticket in advance as the more popular performances sell out very fast.

Location: Juhu Beach, northern part of Mumbai, about 30 minutes drive from Central Mumbai.

Wankhede Stadium:

To understand and enjoy the cricket craze that grips the nation, it might be a good idea to get a ticket for a day-and-night cricket match here. Security measures have been tightened up a notch, but the game is exciting enough and the enthusiasm that surrounds you can be quite contagious. If you are an Australian, expect to be told what your national cricket team is not doing right, by self-appointed experts in the stands.

Location: Churchgate, South Mumbai, about 45 minutes from central Mumbai.

More Nightclub Of Mumbai :

  • Onyx, Dr. Ambedkar Road
  • Polyester
  • Indigo, Colaba
  • Athena, Leela
  • Enigma, J W Marriott Hotel
  • The Dome, Marine Drive
  • Not Just Jazz by the Bay, Marine Drive
  • Silk Route, Mumbai G.P.O.
  • Leopold, Colaba
  • Café Mondegar
  • Koyla, Colaba
  • Sway, Marine Lines
  • Bombay Blue, Goregaon (East)
  • Mimosa, A.K.Marg
  • Three Flights Up, Colaba
  • Fire & Ice, Lower Parel
  • Go Bananas, Kamats Plaza Hotel
  • Fashion Bistro, Marzban Road
  • The 1900’s, Taj Mahal

Hangouts In Mumbai

About Mumbai Hangouts:

Mumbai is the coolest destination in India, where you can see couples, friends and groups hanging out. Indeed, Hangouts have become an inseparable part of city’s culture. Be it college guys or girls, professionals or others, mooching is a regular feature. Earlier the stomping grounds used to comprise of parks, cinemas and seashores, but now its definition has changed. People have more or less become westernized, who feel the need of sitting and relaxing in lavish parlors. The idea of a hangout could be different from person to person. For one, it could be a discotheque, while for other, it could be pub culture.Mumbai hangouts are very popular places for young Mumbaikars. In fact Mumbai can be described as one of the coolest youth destination in the entire country. In fact Hangouts in Mumbai have turned out to be part and parcels of the Mumbai culture. Mooching in Mumbai is quite common and regular, whether for college students, professionals or someone else. Even decades ago, stomping grounds in Mumbai would have meant parks, cinemas and theatres, and the sea beach; well, gone are those days! Mostly, nowadays, people prefer to relax in a lavish parlour to be sunburnt in the beach; the definition of cool Mumbai hangouts has definitely changed! Nevertheless, what an ideal hangout would be will certainly differ from person t person. While some would like to spend time in the Mumbai Nightclubs, others will definitely vote for . Or, just lazing around, taking coffee sips or munching snacks are also cool ideas! Pick your choice from the list of popular hangouts in Mumbai or cool dating places in Mumbai. Another proposal could be of just a place to laze around, have quick bites and take a sip of favorite juice or cappuccino. Bombay is the best destination to find all kinds of hangouts or in simple terms, a place for everyone. Check out the most-preferred or popular hangouts of Mumbaikars.Here is the list of Hangouts in mumbai with their addresses and phone number and website.

Spices & Flavours in Walkeshwar:

Chowpatty Band Stand, Junction Of Babulnath Temple and Walkeshwar,


Mumbai – 400006

Phone: 022 – 23639696, 022 – 23630939

Sheesha in Mega Mall

Mega Mall, 5th Floor,

Above Food Court, Near Lokhandwala Complex,

Link Road, Oshiwara

Mumbai – 400102

Phone: 022-67306772

Sheesha in Kanjurmarg

Above Huma Mall,

LBS Marg,

Kanjurmarg (w)

Mumbai – 400078

Phone: 022-25789724, 022-25726727

Sheesha in Carter Road

Seaface, Opp. Cafe Coffee Day,

Near Rizvi College, Carter Road,

Bandra (w)

– 400040

Phone: 022-24047923

Sheesha in Kandivali

V Mall, WE Highway,

Thakur Complex, Near Saidham Temple

Kandivali (e).

Mumbai – 400101

Phone: 022-28549494, 022-28703344

Sheesha in Bandra

Roof Top, Shoppers Stop,

Linking Road,

Bandra (w)

Mumbai – 400050

Phone: 022-66770555, 022-66770666


B Block, Sitaram Building

Dr DN Road, Fort

Mumbai – 400001

Phone: 022 – 23442690, 022 – 23401976

Mocha Bar in Bandra

Classic corner

Hill Road, Bandra (west)

Mumbai – 400050

Phone: 022 – 26433098

Beach Garden Hotel

Juhu beach, Juhu

Mumbai – 400049

Phone: 022 – 26175495, 022 – 32915215

Mocha Bar in Churchgate

82, Nagin Mahal

Veer Nariman Road, Churchgate

Mumbai – 400020

Phone: 022 – 66336070


Hiranandani Complex, Powai

Mumbai – 400076

Phone: 022 – 25701800, 022 – 25703674

Mocha Bar in Mulund

S-18, Nirmal Lifestyle

LBS Marg, Mulund (west)

Mumbai – 400080

Phone: 022 – 66491990, 022 – 25131719

Sheesha Moroccan

Hotel Ramee Guestline, 757

SV Road

Khar (west)

Mumbai – 400052

Phone: 022 – 26480146, 022 – 26485421, 022 – 26485422

U Turn – The Lounge

Hotel Evergreen, 12A, Guru Gobind Sing Marg

3rd Road

Near Khar Railway Station

Mumbai – 400052

Phone: 022 – 26492895

Blend n Brew

70(0), Central Avenue Road

Chembur East

Mumbai – 400071

Phone: 022 – 25280014, 022 – 67692222

Blue Waters

Opp. Tata Power House

Andheri New Link Road

Andheri West

Mumbai – 400053

Phone: 022 – 26743615, 022 – 2674805

Dhuan Coffee and Grill

9A/B, Aram Nagar II,

JP Road, Versova-Yari Road

Andheri West

Mumbai – 400061

Phone: 022 – 26316350, 022 – 26332379, 022 – 32431239

First Floor

Sitaram Bldg., B Block,

DR DN Road, Opp. JJ School Of Art,

Crawford Market

Mumbai – 400001

Phone: 022 – 23442690, 022 – 23401976


Le Royal Meridien,

Sahar Airport Road

Andheri East

Mumbai – 400099

Phone: 022 – 28380000

The Gold Leaf

3-5, Vaibhav Palace Society,

Opp. Mega Mall, Oshiwara Link Road,

Andheri West

Mumbai – 400102

Phone: 022 – 26396100

Koolar and Co. Resataurant and Stores

541, Noor Mahal, Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Road,

Adenwala Road,

Matunga East

Mumbai – 400019

Phone: 022 – 24125062, 022 – 24109873

Mezbaan Sheesha

Near Cafe Coffee Day,

Carter Road


Mumbai – 400052

Phone: 022 – 26047903

Sagar N Hukka

Louis Belle,

Corner of 16th and 30th Road

Bandra West

Mumbai – 400050

Phone: 022 – 26005391, 022 – 26003952, 022 – 26250550


29, Link Plaza, Commercial Complex

Oshiwara Lokhandwala Link Road

Andheri West

Mumbai – 400053

Phone: 022 – 64502828, 022 – 64502929

Mezbaan Sheesha

Opp.Cafe Coffee Day,

Carter Road,


Mumbai – 400052

Phone: 022- 26047903

Discotheques In Mumbai

About Mumbai Discotheques:

Discotheques are always synonymous with music, dance, drinks and fun. It’s a place where you can spot the most happening crowd of the city. Throughout your stay in Mumbai, discos will be a great place to entertain yourself, amidst the finest tracks and dancing steps. Who knows, you might come across the superstars of Bollywood, synchronizing their moves to the tunes of the rocking DJs. You can find innumerable discotheques in Bombay, which could vary from the ones in five-star hotels to the average ones. However, most of the discotheques are really good, since the Island City observes the most-active nightlife across the country. These discos would surely provide you ample time and fun, to groove and chill out to the limit. Mumbaikars are as serious about their work as regards enjoyment. After the daily schedules of vocation, they bang the dance floors, sway on the foot-tapping numbers and loose themselves completely. Scroll down to get a list of popular discotheques in the Island City of India.Here a list of all Discotheques with their address and phone number.

Name and Information


Blend and Brew
Located off the circle at the end of 18th road, quite close to the station, the draught beer is good and fresh and most of the usual drinks are available.
70, Behind Geeta Bhavan Central Avenue Road Chembur
Mumbai – 400 071

Tel:+(91)-(22) 25280014/ 55973171

No Entry Found
No Entry Found
No Entry Found
Velvet Lounge
Located at Hotel Renaissance, you can not miss this nightclub when you are in this place. Here you can enjoy with continental cuisine,stylish cocktails and an interesting blend of sound. An exciting nightspot to explore.
#2 & 3B, Near Chinmayanand Ashram, Powai
Mumbai 400087

Tel:+(91)-(22) 66928888

Three Flights Up
It is one of the hottest nightclub which can accommodate up to 800 people. Located on the third floor, the dance floor is of 500 sq.ft. with a beautiful deco art and heavy sound and light system. You can enjoy with all kind of music from 70’s and latest. Free entry for ladies. Timings : 7 pm to I am (12 noon to 3 pm lunch buffet)
Near Regal Cinema, Apollo Bunder Road, Colaba
Mumbai – 400 001

Tel:+(91)-(22) 22852298, 22829935

Yet another elite nightclub, Insomnia is located near Gateway of India. Spread an area of 5000 sq. ft. it is a unique place with a separate dancing and seating area. Excellent drinks and a good ambience make it a special night and DJ keeps the crowd on the dance floor rocking.
The Taj Mahal Palace & Tower Apollo Bunder, opposite Gateway of India, Colaba
Mumbai – 400 001

Tel:+(91)-(22) 56653366

Polly Esther’s
The city’s retro pasha sports disco balls, a rhythmic lit dance floor and teeny-bopper crowd. Its music is hip hop on Wednesday and Retro on Friday and Saturday. Entry: On Wednesdays, it’s Rs 600 for guys, while for gals, entry is free. On Saturdays, the full cover charge is Rs 1,000.
Gordon House Hotel, 5, Battery Street, Appolo Bunder, Colaba,
Mumbai – 400 001

Tel:+(91)-(22) 2287 1122

No Entry Found
Fort Area
No Entry Found
No Entry Found
Nariman Point
No Entry Found
Fire & Ice
One of the most happening nightclub in the city, it can hold about 1000 – 1200 people. Started in 1999, it is a gigantic dance floor, bombastic sound system, multi-laser show, huge ex-convict bouncers with earphones and attitude. Cost: Rs400-Rs800. Happy Hours: 9.30pm-1.30am.
5, Phoenix Mills Compound, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel,
Mumbai – 400 013

Tel:+(91)-(22) 2498 0444

Launch at Phoenix Mills on 21st Dec 2005, Aziano is only nightclub in the city which have a RGB laser system producing a million colours. The ambience is ultra modern, contemporary cocktails and the music is really rocking.
Garden Court, Block no: 16, Unit No: 4, 5, 6 Phoenix Mills Compound, 462 Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel (West)
Mumbai – 400 013

Tel:+(91)-(22) 2495 4852

It is a great club and one of the largest dance floors in Mumbai. Spicy snacks such as chicken Masala nuggets are on offer too, best washed down with hearty shots of Indian whiskey. Definitely worth checking out. Timing: 9.30 pm to 1.30 am. Avg. meal for two: Rs.1500.
Film Centre, 2nd Floor Tardeo Road, Haji Ali
Mumbai – 400 034

Tel:+(91)-(22) 24912313/ 24944343

Stark Bar
Located at the Mela restaurant, you can choose an impressive collection of malts, liqueurs and beer. Opening Hours 10.00 a.m.-1:30 a.m. Happy hours: 6.00 p.m.-8.00 p.m.
Phirki Corner, Worli
Mumbai – 400 025

Tel:+(91)-(22) 2494 5656

Sutra is a trendy and sleek nightclub, located on the lobby level with separate entrance. It serves eclectic cocktails, an extensive wine list and finger snacks. Timing: 6.00 pm to 1:30 am.


InterContinental The Grand,
Sahar Airport Road,
Mumbai – 400 059

Tel:+(91)-(22) 66992222
Fax:+(91)-(22) 66998888

Club Escape
One of the stylish and chic nightclub in the city, here the music specially imported from UK and interior from Italy, The DJ plays the best of the current western music. Friday and Saturday are the nights that really rock here. Entry Fee: Wed-Fri 600 per Couple 800 per stag Sat (only couples) 1000.
108/ A, Crystal Plaza, New Link Road, Andheri(W)
Mumbai – 400 059

Tel:+(91)-(22) 55021691/ 92/ 93

Cloud 9
It is the oldest nightclub in Bandra, Cloud 9 serves full Chinese meals, snacks and it is well-known for its Brain Damage cocktail – a blend of three poisons that are not easy to handle. Timing: 6:30 p.m.-1.00 a.m. Entry: Sun. & Weekdays – 300/couple. Friday/Saturday – 600 Couple.
Jharna Apts, Opposite Pali Hill Dr Ambedkar Road, Khar West
Mumbai 400052

Tel:+(91)-(22) 2646 5133

Squeeze is become one of the hottest nightspots of Mumbai. It is almost double in size of most nightclubs in the city. It has four bars, a dance floor and an open air lounge with stone benches. Good cocktails and the gorgeous party animals really make the night thrilling. Open: Till 1.30 a.m. Avg. meal: 600 per couple.
S.V.Road KharBehind Hotel Maurya Khar West
Mumbai 400052

Tel:+(91)-(22) 26489313

No Entry Found
No Entry Found
Xanadu Bar
It is one of ideal place to come for a romantic evening. It serves a variety of liquors including in-house cocktails. Timing: 6 pm to midnight. Average cocktail costs Rs 200/-.
The Avenue Hotels Pvt. Ltd, Western Express Highway, Thakur Complex
Mumbai – 400101

Tel:+(91)-(22) 28540888/ 28700000

Enigma is most trendy and happening nightclub in the city which is located JW Marriott Hotel. It is spread over an area of 4200 square feet with a great dance floor, a stylish lounging area, two bars and a cigar room. The club offers the most wicked cocktails. Timing: 9:30p-3:30a W-Sa Entry: Wed-Thu (Rs. 800 -1000) Fri- Sat (Rs.1500-2000) per couple.


Juhu Tara Road, Juhu Beach
Mumbai – 400 049

Tel:+(91)-(22) 66933000
Fax:+(91)-(22) 66933100

Rock Bottom
Rock Bottom is one of the best American themed dine and dance clubs in the city. It serves great appetizers, caiparoshka and cocktails. A full fledged pyro-tech (sound and light show), a suspended DJ booth will definitely attract you. Timing: 10.30 p.m. – 3.00 a.m.
A.B. Nair Road, Juhu
Mumbai – 400 049

Tel:+(91)-(22) 66933000
Fax:+(91)-(22) 66933100

Named after its address, J for Juhu, the most hep and known place of mumbai, near juhu beach and 49 for its pincode. It serves a cool drink and a dynamic cocktail and the alcohol is innovative and affordable.
148/B Juhu Tara Rd
Mumbai – 400 049


Avalon discotheque is located on the basement of Bawa International. It is on the highway and very close to the domestic airport. This is the only place which stays open till late. Come and experience on explosion of lights, music & dance with variety of cocktails and mocktails.
Nehru Road, Near Domestic Airport Vile Parle – East,
Mumbai – 400 099


Cinema Halls In Mumbai

About Mumbai Cinema Halls:

Bollywood movies have always been the greatest entertainer for the public of India. Mumbai, the centre of Hindi Film Industry, is no exception to it. Movies entertain a great deal of people, however some may like comedy, other could love thriller or suspense and some might prefer watching romantic love stories. Films, whether Hindi or English, attract the crowd in cinema halls, where people can actually enjoy them. Earlier Cinema Halls used to be very different from the present day ones, which have first-rate environment, sound systems and excellent air-conditions. Actually the grand infrastructure has changed the idea of cinema halls to multiplexes and cineplexes. Multiplexes show several movies in different halls at one point of time, without any problem too. Check out the cinema halls, cineplexes and multiplexes of Bombay.Here is a list of all cinema halls in mumbai with their website and phone numbers and contact numbers.

Name and Information


A very cool and comfortable hall in this area. It is a Dolby SR sound track cinema hall. It you are planning to watch movie, select this hall. It has a large sitting capacity and so getting a ticket is usually easy.
Ramkrishna Chemburkar Marg Chembur
Mumbai – 400 074

Tel:+(91)-(22) 2554 1673

If you want to go to watch movie, this is the right choice for the resident of Chembur. It is an entertainment hub for the entire family. Well seating.
Chembur Golf Club Road Chembur (East)
Mumbai – 400 071

Tel:+(91)-(22) 2558 1852

Natraj Cinema
Yet another movie hall in this area, Natraj Cinema is a good theatre to go to when you are with your friends. There is also an ample parking.
N G Acharya Marg Chembur
Mumbai – 400 071

Tel:+(91)-(22) 2528 2860

To catch a hindi film, the best option is odeon cinema. Located in Ghatkoper, the sound and picture quality of this hall is really very good.
194, Vallabh Baug Ghatkopar (East)
Mumbai – 400 077

Tel:+(91)-(22) 2511 3241

Yet another lovely theatre in the area is Uday. It boasts wide screen spacious lobby and well trend surroundings, surely attract you. It is a must visit hall for the resident of Ghatkopar as well as outside.
5th Road Ghatkopar (West)
Mumbai – 400 086

Tel:+(91)-(22) 2515 2786

Aakash Talkies
One of the most amazing theatre in the city is located in Kurla. It has a good-looking stylish lobby and the entrance to the hall is peaceful. The hall is dolby sound system.
Aakash Talkies Lane Kurla (West)
Mumbai – 400 070

Tel:+(91)-(22) 2650 6312

A well tended surroundings, cool and comfortable hall in the city, the screen is red velvet curtains that opened and closed with great background music.
Station Road Kurla
Mumbai – 400 070

Tel:+(91)-(22) 2650 5828

Kalpana is one of the most economical hall with comfortable seats and cool ambience.
194 L B Shastri Marg Kurla (West)
Mumbai – 400 070

Tel:+(91)-(22) 2514 5358

Look at Mehul for a place to have fun and relax. The theatrehas comfortable seats and good ambience. The interior of the theatre is upto the mark, the screen is big and good. It is dolby sound hall.
178 Nahur Road Mulund (West)
Mumbai 400080

Tel:+(91)-(22) 2561 0910

Deep Mandir cinema
It is a 950 seater (approx.) cinema hall which is located in Mulund. It is a dolby sound track hall.
L.B.S. marg, Mulund (West)
Mumbai 400080

Tel:+(91)-(22) 5681 6288

It is one of the old style theatres, the hall has been renovated but the old-world charm , dark wood interiors and plush satin furnishings are unmistakably from a different era. Usually, critically-acclaimed Hindi and English films play here. Tickets: Rs. 40-150
Apollo Pier Road, Opp. Museum Colaba
Mumbai – 400 005

Tel:+(91)-(22) 2202 1017

A very nice theatre in Dadar. It is a 635 (approx) seater cinema hall in Dadar and fully with dolby digital stero system. Chitra
192 Dr. Ambedkar Road Dadar
Mumbai – 400 014

Tel:+(91)-(22) 2418 2264

Yey another enchanting hall in Dadar is Plaza. Very cool & Dolby Stereo hall will definitely attract you. The atmosphere of the hall is very cool and comfortable.
Dadar Western Railway Station Dadar
Mumbai – 400 028

Tel:+(91)-(22) 2430 4704

You have too much choices for the theatres in this region. It is a stylish and family entertainment centre, the theater is great and the ambience of the whole surrounding area is wonderful. Dolby digital sound.
Rangoli Time Complex Dadar
Mumbai – 400 014

Tel:+(91)-(22) 2410 5551

Fame Nakshatra
Located very close to Dadar station, it provide online booking where you can choose the best seat with the virtual – seat screen. Seating specifications: Single Screen, Royal Class – 8, Silver Class – 96, Premiere Class – 140 and Executive Class – 36.
2nd Floor, Nakshatra Cine Shoppe Old Kohinoor Cinema, Ranade Road, Dadar (West)
Mumbai – 400 028
Fort Area
Located very close to the staion, it is a dolby sound system hall. The hall is a well done decor and comfortable seating arrangement. Must visit.
Opp. Chatrapati Shivaji Terminal Fort
Mumbai 400001

Tel:+(91)-(22) 2207 1822

Eros is one of Mumbai’s luxury cinema which is located opposite Churchgate Station in South Bombay. Opened in 1938, the hall was designed by architect Sorabji Keikhushru Bhedwar. Screen: Single Screen, Seats: 1024, Style: Art Deco.
Eros Building, 42 Karve Road Churchgate
Mumbai 400020

Tel:+(91)-(22) 2282 2335

New Empire
Yet another movie hall in this area is New Empire. A large size screen and seating is also very comfortable. The sound quality too is excellent.
Near Yoyo Pubs And Bar Fort
Mumbai 400001

Tel:+(91)-(22) 2207 2287

Alankar Cinemas
Established in 1962, it is a landmark in the city. This popular cinema hall has a capacity to seat over thousand.
S V Patel Road, Girgaon
Mumbai 400004

Tel:+(91)-(22) 2387 2045

Central Plaza
It is a famous destination for the movie lovers. The theatre is nice with comfortable seating arrangements and space.
R M Roy Marg Girgaon
Mumbai 400004

Tel:+(91)-(22) 2382 9607

A lovely cinema hall in Kalbadevi, this place is very cool and atmosphere is also very good. They provide the most enchanting comforting ambience to the visitors.
514 Kalbadevi Road Kalbadevi
Mumbai 400002

Tel:+(91)-(22) 2201 2109

Nariman Point
Located on the 2nd floor of Cross Road 2 mall, it is the first multiplex in South Mumbai. Spread an area of 28,000 sq.ft., Inox offers Dolby Digital EX Surround System, the best in sound quality. Seating: 1335 (approx.)


Cross Road 2, 2nd Floor Opp. Bajaj Bhavan Nariman Point,
Mumbai 400021

Tel:+(91)-(22) 66595959

Bharatmata Cinema
Located in Parel, this is a good theatre becoze its economical, cosy and plays loud music. Tickets are usually easily available.
Near Kari Road Station Parel
Mumbai – 400 012

Tel:+(91)-(22) 2415 0673

It has a seating capacity around 843 person. It has a dolby sound stereo and the sound system is very good and clear.
38 N M Joshi Marg Lower Parel
Mumbai – 400 013

Tel:+(91)-(22) 2492 3399

It houses dolby digital EX surround sound, an enchanting hub for the Mumbains. The ambience of the cinema hall is very good.
Dr. E Moses Road, Worli Naka Worli
Mumbai – 400 018

Tel:+(91)-(22) 2492 4188

Fun Republic
Located in Lokhandwala Complex, it has four cinema screens. It is the second in a chain of nationwide integrated entertainment destinations being set up by E-City. Opened in 2002, it is spread across 1, 30,000 sq. ft.


New Link Road, Andheri-West,
Mumbai – 400 053

Tel:+(91)-(22) 2673 4343
Fax:+(91)-(22) 2673 2079

Cinemax, Andheri
Mumbai’s most popular multiplex is located in Andheri. With four screens and dolby sounds, the multiplex seems to offer a comfortable viewing experience.


Behind Gurunanak Petrol Pump Andheri Kurla Road Andheri (East)
Mumbai – 400 069

Tel:+(91)-(22) 26848321, 26848323
Fax:+(91)-(22) 56916512

Fame Adlabs
Fame Adlabs is one of the highest quality of entertainment centre. Inaugurated in April 2002, it is one of the largest concessions area in the city with a 5000 sq. ft. lobby. Seating arrangement are like 5 screens – 1342 seats, 750 Premier Seats, 466 Gold Seats, 84 Sofa seats and 42 Recliners.


City Mall, Andheri Oshiwara New Link Road, Andheri W, Nr Crystal Plaza Bldg
Mumbai – 400 053

Tel:+(91)-(22) -66403600

24 Karat Multiplex
24 Karat is a family entertainment hub. When you enter the gates, you can see this vast multiplex which boasts 4 screen cinema halls, a food court, a well managed box office and parking space area.


Jaiput Multiplex Entertainment 181, S.V. Road, Jogeshwari (W)
Mumbai – 400 102

Tel:+(91)-(22) 56789888
Fax:+(91)-(22) 26783484

A lovely entertainment centre in the city, it has a good sound stystem. Ticket: Rs.80, Rs.100.
Chakala, Andheri
Mumbai – 400059

Tel:+(91)-(22) 2684-8323

Located in Bandra, the seating capacity is 972 (approx.). Here you will see a lot of black ticketing. So avoid it. The sound is dolby digital Ex.
TPS l l l Bandra (West)
Mumbai 400050

Tel:+(91)-(22) 2642 6963

Yet another cinema hall in Bandra is Galaxy. dolby digital sound surroundings.
TPS l l l Bandra (West)
Mumbai 400050

Tel:+(91)-(22) 2642 1035

Cinemax Kandivli
Located in the plush locality of Kandivli, it is not only show firms, it is also a value-added entertainment destination.
Trikamdas Road, Sona Shopping Centre, Near Railway Crossing, Kandivli
Mumbai – 400067

Tel:+(91)-(22) 2864 7164
Fax:+(91)-(22) 2808 4245

Fame Kandivali
Fame Kandivali is the only Multiplex in this area and has a large catchment area of Borivali and Kandivali. It is fully digital sound with 3 way surround system. It has 4 screens & 1275 Seats, they are as: 744 Premier Seats, 503 Gold Seats, 28 Romeo Juliet Seats, Screen 1: 417 Seats, Screen 2: 416 Seats, Screen 3: 234 Seats and Screen 4: 208 Seats.
Raghuleela Megamall Behind Poisar Bus Depot Off S. V. Road Kandivali East
Mumbai – 400067

Tel:+(91)-(22) 2864 7164
Fax:+(91)-(22) 2808 4245

A lovely entertainment centre is located very close to Goregaon Railway Station. The centre is mainly the Western Suburb buffs. Seating Capacity: 927 (approx.)
Station Road Goregaon (East)
Mumbai – 400063

Tel:+(91)-(22) 2873 2044

Movie Time
The theatre is like any other multiplex and hosts most of the new releases. Tickets are usually easily available.


Jagdamba Commercial Complex, Link Road, Malad West, Opp Kanch Pada
Mumbai – 400062

Tel:+(91)-(22) 28804023

Cinemax Goregaon
A cozy and comfortable place where you can enjoy your date and movie both, Cinemax is really an amazing theatre. It is a dolby digital sound multiplex in the city.
S. V. Road Near Goregaon Police Station Goregaon (West)
Mumbai – 400062

Tel:+(91)-(22) 2876 4269, 2876 4270

Most visited theatre in this region, the theatres are cheaply priced especially in the morning show. You have a good choice, it shows both Hindi and English movie. The location is also very decent and getting is not really difficult.
Near Hare Rama Temple Juhu
Mumbai – 400049

Tel:+(91)-(22) 2620 0437

Fame Malad
Located in Inorbit Mall, Asia’s largest mall, it is spread an area of 55,000 sq. ft. Seating capacity: H6 screens – 1571 seats, 134 Premier Seats, 1419 Gold Seats and 18 Romeo Juliet Seats.
Inorbit Mall Goregaon Malad Link Road
Mumbai – 400 063

Tel:+(91)-(22) 5649-0490

Navi Mumbai
Meghraj Multiplex
A complete entertaiment centre in Navi Mumbai, it is not only a movie theatre, it also houses joy of shopping, the excitement of amazing games, the pleasure of delicious delicacies and all the magic of movies.


Plot No. 22, Sector-2 Vashi
Navi Mumbai

Tel:+(91)-(22) 27827070/32985154

Cinemax, Thane
Located in Wonder Mall in Thane, it houses 4-screen multiplex along with a huge shopping mall containing 190 shops. It is dolby digital Ex.


Chitalsar Manpada Kapur Bawdi Naka, Ghodbunder Road,
Thane 400607

Tel:+(91)-(22) 2589 9297, 2589 9373
Fax:+(91)-(22) 2589 0830

KT Vision Megaplex
A five screen Megaplex, KT Vision is first in Thane District of its kind which was inaugurated in 12th Oct 2007. They mainly screens new releases from Bollywood and Hollywood.


Panchal Nagar, Station Road, Vasai (W),
Thane 401202

Tel:+(91)-(22) 2589 9297, 2589 9373
Fax:+(91)-(22) 2589 0830

Bollywood Mumbai

About Bollywood Mumbai:

Mumbai, the City of Dreams, houses the prime centre of Hindi Film Industry, better known as Bollywood. Acclaimed as one of the biggest film industries of the world, Bollywood produces over 1000 films every year. Since 1913, Indian Cinema has made a long journey from simple silent movies to sound films, then colored films to technically advanced movies of the present day. Bollywood imbibed its name from the merger of the term Bombay (now Mumbai) and Hollywood, the American Film Industry. Another point worth-mentioning is that Bollywood is just the part of Indian Film Industry, which also encompasses other language film industries. The movies churned out here are the major source of entertainment, with an audience of 3.6 billion people, which is more than half of the world’s population. Bypassing the reality, Hindi films are usually ‘masala’ (spicy) movies that comprise all the ingredients like music, dance, violence and melodrama of a good entertainer. The languages of Hindi, Urdu and English are extremely common in Bollywood.

General Fact About Bollywood Mumbai:

  • Production-wise, Bollywood is the largest film industry in the world with over 1000 films produced every year.
  • Its movies are watched by almost 14 million Indians everyday. ]
  • Raja Harishchandra (1913) was the first silent feature film of India.
  • ‘Alam Ara’ – the first Indian sound film was released in 1931.
  • Kisan Kanya (1937) was the first colored movie produced in India.
  • ‘Kagaz ke Phool’ (1959) was the first cinemascope film of Bollywood.
  • The first 70 MM film of Bollywood was ‘Around the World’.
  • The first 3D movie in Hindi was ‘Shiva ka Insaaf’.
  • ‘Noorjahan’ (1931) was the first Indian English film.
  • Every year, Bollywood movies are celebrated in no less than 6 award functions.

What is “Bollywood”?

Bollywood is the name given to the Mumbai-based Hindi-language film industry in India. When combined with other Indian film industries (Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Malayalam, Kannada), it is considered to be the largest in the world in terms of number of films produced, and maybe also the number of tickets sold.

The term Bollywood was created by conflating Bombay (the city now called Mumbai) and Hollywood (the famous center of the United States film industry).

Bollywood films are usually musicals. Few movies are made without at least one song-and-dance number. Indian audiences expect full value for their money; they want songs and dances, love interest, comedy and dare-devil thrills, all mixed up in a three hour long extravaganza with intermission. Such movies are called masala movies, after the spice mixture masala. Like masala, these movies have everything.

The plots are often melodramatic. They frequently employ formulaic ingredients such as star-crossed lovers, corrupt politicians, twins separated at birth, conniving villains, angry parents, courtesans with hearts of gold, dramatic reversals of fortune, and convenient coincidences.

History of Bollywood:

At the turn of this century, when the country was poised for major social and political reforms, a new entertainment form dawned in India-the Cinema. The first exposure to motion pictures which India received was in 1896, when the Lumiere Brothers’ Chinematographe unveiled six soundless short films at Watson Hotel, Esplanade Mansion, Bombay on July 7. And the first exposing of celluloid in camera by an Indian and its consequent screening took place in 1899, when Harishchandra Bhatvadekar (Save Dada) shot two short films and exhibited them under Edison’s projecting kinetoscope. Hiralal Sen and F.B. Thanawalla were two other Indian pioneers engaged in the production of short films in Calcutta and Bombay in 1900. Around 1902, J.F. Madan and Abdullah Esoofally launched their career with Bioscope shows of imported short films. In 1912 , N.G. Chitre and R.G. Torney made a silent feature film Pundalik which was released on May 18, and it was half British in its make. Dhundiraj Govind Phalke, more generally known as Dada Saheb Phalke was responsible for the production of India’s first fully indigenous silent feature film Raja Harishchandra which heralded the birth of the Indian film industry. The film had titles in Hindi and English and was released on May 3, 1913 at the Coronation Cinema, Bombay. In 1917, Bengal saw the birth of its first feature film-Satyabadi Raja Harishchandra made by Madan’s Elphinstone Bioscope Company. In Madras, the first feature film of South India Keechaka Vadham was made by Nataraja Mudaliar in 1919. After stepping into 1920, the Indian cinema gradually assumed the shape of a regular industry. The industry also came within the purview of the law. The new decade saw the arrival of many new companies and film makers. Dhiren Ganguly (England Returned), Baburao Painter (Savkari Pash), Suchet Singh (Sakuntala), Chandulal Shah (Guna Sundari), Ardershir Israni, and V. Santharam were the prominent film makers of the twenties. The most remarkable things about the birth of the sound film in India is that it came with a bang and quickly displaced the silent movies. The first Indian talkie Alam Ara produced by the Imperial film company and directed by Ardershir Irani was released on March 14, 1931 at the Majestic Cinema in Bombay; The talkie had brought revolutionary changes in the whole set up of the industry. The year 1931 marked the beginning of the talking ear in Bengal and South India. The first talkie films in Bengali (Jumai Shasthi), Telugu (Bhakta Prahlad) and Tamil (Kalidass) were released in the same year. The thirties is recognised as the decade of social protests in the history of Indian Cinema. Three big banners-Prabhat, Bombay Talkies and New Theatres gave the lead in making serious but gripping sand entertaining films for all classes of the wide audience. A number of films making a strong plea against social injustice were also made in this period like V.Santharam’s Duniya Na Mane, Aadmi and Padosi, Franz Osten’s Achut Kanya, Damle & Fatehlal’s Sant Thukaram, Mehboob’s Watan, Ek hi Raasta and Aurat. For the first time Ardeshir Irani attempted a colour picture in 1937 with Kisan Kanya. The decade also witnessed the release of the first talkie films in Marathi (Ayodhiyecha Raja 1932), Gujarathi (Narasinh Mehta-32), Kannada (Dhurvkumar-34); Oriya (Sita Bibaha-34); Assamese (Joymati-35); Punjabi (Sheila-35) and Malayalam(Balan-38). The decade during which the second world was fought and Indian independence won, was a momentous one for cinematography all over India. Some memorable films were produced during the forties such as Shantharam’s Dr. Kotnis Ki Amar Kahani, Mehboob’s Roti, Chetan Anand’s Neecha Nagar, Uday Shanker’s Kalpana, Abbas’s Dharti Ke Lal, Sohrab Modi’s Sikander, Pukar and Prithvi Vallabh, J.B.H. Wadia’s Court Dancer, S.S. Vasan’s Chandralekha, Vijay Bhatt’s Bharat Milap and Ram Rajya, Rajkapoor’s Barsaat and Aag. The first International Film Festival of India held in early 1952 at Bombay had great impact of Indian Cinema. The big turning point camp in 1955 with the arrival of Satyajit Ray and his classic Pather Panchali which opened up a new path leading the Indian film to the World Film Scene. International recognition came to it with the Cannes award for best human document followed by an unprecedented crop of foreign and national awards. In Hindi Cinema too, the impact of neorealism was evident in some distinguished films like Bimal Roy’s Do Bigha Zamin, Devadas and Madhumati, Rajkapoor’s Boot Polish, Shri-420 and Jagte Raho, V. Shantharam’s Do Aankhen Barah Haath and Jhanak Jhanak Payal Baaje, Mehbood’s Mother India. Gurudutt’s Pyaasa, and Kagaz Ke Phool and B.R. Chopra’s Kanoon; The first Indo-Soviet co-production Pardesi by K.A.Abbas was also made during the fifties. The transition to colour and the consequent preference for escapist entertainment and greater reliance on stars brought about a complete change in the film industry. The sixties was a decade of mediocre films made mostly to please the distributors and to some extent, meet the demands of the box office. The sixties began with a bang with the release of K. Asif’s Mughal-E-Azam which set a record at the box-office. It was followed by notable productions which include romantic musical and melodramas of a better quality. Rajkapoor’s Jis Desh Mein Ganga Behti Hai, Sangam, Dilip Kumar’s Gunga Jamna, Gurudutt’s Sahib Bibi Aur Gulam, Dev Anand’s Guide; Bimal Roy’s Bandini, S.Mukherji’s Junglee, Sunil Dutt’s Mujhe Jeene Do and the experimental Yaadein, Basu Bhatacharya’s Teesri Kasam, Pramod Chakravorthy’s Love in Tokyo, Ramanand Sagar’s Arzoo, Sakhti Samantha’s Aradhana, Hrishikesh Mukherji’s Aashirwad and Anand, B.R. Chopra’s Waqt, Manoj Kumar’s Upkar, and Prasad Productions Milan were the significant Hindi films of the decade. Among the regional languages, Malayalam cinema derived much of its strength from literature during the sixties. Malayalam cinema hit the head lines for the first time when Ramu Kariat’s Chemmeen (1965) won the President’s Gold Medal. Towards the end of the decade, Mrinal Sen’s Bhuvan Shome, signalled the beginnings of the new wave in Indian Cinema. The New Indian Cinema emerged as a reaction to the popular cinema’s Other Worldiness. It is a cinema of social significance and artistic sincerity, presenting a modern, humanist perspective more durable than the fantasy world of the popular cinema. Satyajit Ray, Ritwik Ghatak and Mrinal Sen were the founding fathers of the new cinema in India. Acclaimed as India’s foremost director Satyajit Ray has made 30 feature films and five documentaries, tacking a wide range of rural, urban historical themes. His cinematography places him away form the inheritors of the neorealist school, and yet his films are infused with an unusual humaneness. Pather Panchali, Apur Sansar, Charulata, Jalsaghar, Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne, Seemabadha, Jana Aranya, Ashani Sanket and Agantuk are some of his outstanding films. He was fortunate enough to present his films in almost all the leading films festivals of the world. The national and international awards won by Ray are numerous. Ritwik Ghatak swooped on the Indian scene with new dynamism. His films constitute a record of the traumas of change form the desperation of the rootless and deprived refugees from East Bengal .(Meghe Dhaka Tara, Ajantrik, Komal Ghandhar, Subarnarekha). Mrinal Sen is the ebullient one-experimenting with neorealism as well as new wave and fantasy. His notable films are Bhuvan Shome, Chorus, Mrigaya, Ek Din Pratidin, Akaler Sandhane, Kharij & Khandahar. He has also won several national an international awards. In Bombay, a new group of film makers emerged on the Hindi cinema. Notable amongst them are Basu Chatterji (Sara Akash), Rajinder Singh Bedi (Dastak), Mani Kaul (Uski Roti, Duvidha), Kumar Shahani (Maya Darpan), Avtar Kaul (27-Down), Basu Bhattacharya (Anubhav), M.S. Sathyu (Garam Hawa), Shyam Benegal (Ankur), and Kanthilal Rathod (Kanku). In Calcutta, following the trend set by Ray, Ghatak and Sen, Tapan Sinha and Tarun Majumdar also made some note worthy films. (Kabuliwala, Hatey Bazarey, Harmonium, Safed Haathi; Balika Bodhu, Nimantran, Ganadevta, Dadar Kirti). The seventies has further-widened the gap between multistar big budgeted off beat films. The popular Hindi hits of the decade include Kamal Amrohis Pakeeza, Rajkapoor’s Bobby , Devar’s Haathi Mere Saathi, Ramesh Sippy’s Sholay, Zanjeer, Deewar, Khoon Pasina, Yaadon Ki Baarat, Kabhi Kabhi, Dharamveer, Amar Akbar Anthony, Hum Kisise Kum Nahin, and Muqaddar ka Sikandar. Of these majority of the films were action oriented with revenge as the dominating theme. Down in the South, the new wave cinema originated in Karnataka and Kerala. Pattabhi Rama Reddy’s Damskara (70) and Adoor Gopalakrishnan’s Swayamvaram (72) were the trend setters in Kannada and Malayalam respectively. This continued with a series of socially conspicuous films like M.T. Vasidevan Nair’s Nirmalyam, B.V.Karanth’s Chomana Dudi, Girish Karnad’s Kaadu, Girish Kasara Valli’s Ghatasradha, G. Aravindan’s Uttarayanam and Thamp, K. Balachander’s Arangetram, Avargal and Apoorva Ragangal, Adoor’s Kodyettam, K.G. George’s Swapnadanam and P.A. Backer’s Chuvanna Vithukal and G.V.Iyer’s Hamsageethe. The Hindi avante garde or new wave seems to have reached its bloom period towards the end of the seventies with the coming of film makers like Govind Nihalani (Aakrosh), Saeed Mirza (Albert Pinto Ko Gussa Kyon Aata Hai, Aravind Desai ki Ajeeb Daastan), Rabindra Dharmaraj (Chakra), Sai Paranjpe (Sparsh), Muzafar Ali (Gaman) and Biplab Roy Chowdhari (Shodh). The movement spread to the other regional cinemas such as Marathi, Gujarathi, Assamese, Oriya and Telugu. Directors like Jabbar Patel (Samna, Simhasan), Ramdas Phuttane (Sarvasakshi), Ketan Mehta (Bhavni Bhavai). Babendranath Saikia(Sandhya Rag), Jahanu Barua (Aparoopa, Papori), Manmohan Mohapatra (Klanta Aparanha, Majhi Pahacha), Nirad Mohapatra (Maya Miriga) and Gautam Ghose (Ma Bhoomi) came to the scene with their films. Also from the South came film makers such as Jayakantan, John Abraham, Bharathan, Padmarajan, Balu Mahendra, Bharathi Raja, T.S. Ranga, T.S. Nagabharana, K.R. Mohanan, G.S. Panicker, Chandrasekhar Kambar, P.Lankesh, C. Radhakrishnan and Bhagyaraj who presented significant films like Unnai Pol Oruvan, Agraharathil Kazhuthai, Prayanam, Peruvazhiambalam and Oridathsoru Phayalvan, Kokila, 16 Vayathinile and Kizhakke Pokum Rail , Geejegand Goodu, Grahana, Aswathama, Ekakini, Kaadu Kudre, Pallavi, Agni, Suvar Illatha Chithrangal and Mundani Mudichu. The new cinema movement continued with full spirit in. the next decade (eighties) also . Shyam Benegal presented some good movies like Manthan, Bhumika, Nishant, Janoon , and Trikal. Nihlani’s Aaghat and Tamas were remarkable works. Other important films with new style of treatment include Damul (Prakash Jha), 36-Chowringhee Lane (Aparna Sen), New Delhi Times (Ramesh Sharma), Mirch Masala (Ketan Mehta), Rao Saheb (Vijaya Mehta), Debshishu (Utpalendu Chakraborthy), Massey Saheb (Pradeep Kishna), Trishagni (Nabayendu Ghosh), Ijaazat (Gulzar), Umrao Jaan (Muzafar Ali), Dakhal, Paar (Gautam Ghose), Dooratwa, Neem Annapurana, Andhi Gali (Buddhadeb Dasgupta), Aajka Robin Hood (Tapan Sinha), Tabarana Kathe, Bannada Vesha (Girish Kasara Valli), Accident & Swamy (Shanker Naag), Daasi (B. Narasinga Rao) and Phaniyamma (Prema Karanth). The new wave masters of Kerala, Adoor and Arvindan, consolidated their position in the eighties with their films Elippathayam, Mukha Mukham, Anantharam, Esthappan, Pokkuveyil, Chidambaram, and Oridath, Elippathayam has won the prestigious British film Institute award for 1982. Shaji N.Karun’s maiden film Piravi(1988) bagged several national and international awards and was shown in nearly forty film festivals. Meera Nair, the young woman director, won the Golden Camera award at Cannes for her first film Salaam Bombay in 1989. In 1990, Adoor Gopalakrishnan’s Mathilukal won the FIPRESCI and UNICEF awards. The late eighties and early nineties saw the revival of the musical love stories in Hindi cinema. Mr. India, Tezaab, Qayamat se Qayamat Tak, Main Pyar Kiya, Chandni, Tridev, Hum, Ghayal, Saudagar, Rakhwala, Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander, Hum Hain Rahi Pyarke, Baazigar, Aaina, Yeh Dillagi, Hum Apake Hai Kaun, Krantiveer, Raja and Rangeela were some of the popular Hindi films of the last decade. The first half of nineties witnessed the release of some better films in Hindi as well as in other regional languages. Drishti and Drohkal (Nihalani), Lekin (Gulzar), Disha (Sai Paranjpe), Prahar (Nana Patekar), Parinda (Vinod Chopra), Diskha (Arun Kaul), Kasba (Kumar Shahani), Rudaali (Kalpana Lajmi), Maya Memsaab (Ketan Mehta), Mujhse Dosti Karoge (Gopi Desai), Suraj Ka Satwan Ghoda & Mammo (Benegal), Who Chokri (Subhankar Ghosh)&Ek Doctor Ki Maut (Tapan Sinha), were some of the notable Hindi films from Bengal, Orissa, Assam and Manipur came films like Tahader Katha, Bagh Bahadur, Charachar (Buddhadeb Dasgupta), Uttoran (Sandip Ray), Wheel Chair (Tapan Sinha), Unishe April (Rituparno Ghosh), Adi Mimansa, Lalvanya Preethi (A.K. Bir), Nirbachana (Biplab Roy Chowdhari), Halodhia Choraya Baodhan Khai, Firingoti (Jahau Barua), Haladhar (Sanjeev Hazarika), and Ishanou (Aribam Shayam Sharma). In the South Malayalam Cinema presented some notable films. They include Vasthuhara (Aravindan)_, Vidheyan (Adoor) Kireedom, Bharatham (Siby Mmalayil), Amaram (Bharathan) Innale (Padmarajan), Oru Vadakkan Veeragatha, Sargam, Parinayam (Hariharan), Devasuram (I..V.Sasi). Kilukkam, Thenmavin Kombath (Priyadarsan), Perumthachan (Ajayan), Daivathinte Vikurthikal (Lenin Rajendran), (Sivan), Manichithrathazu (Fazil), Ponthanmada (T.V. Chandran) and Swaham (Shaji), From Tamil and Telugu cinema, there came few films like Anjali, Roja and Bombay (Mani Ratnam) ,Marupakkam and Nammavar (Sethsumadhavan),Karuthamma (Bharathi Raja), Surigadu (Dasari Narayana Rao), Swathi Kiranam (K.Viswanath), Mogha Mul (G.Rajasekharan) etc. English film like Miss Beatty’s Children (Pamela Rooks), and English August (Dev Benegal) were also produced during this period. All in all, it has been a long story of nearly nine decades, with the early shaky screen images turning into a multi pronged and multi winged empire of its own, that has yielded about 27,000 feature films and thousands of documented short films. Cinema has raised India’s flag high in the world as the consistently largest film producer. But when it comes to quality the flag has to fly half mast. All the above information is courtesy of: All India.

About Bollywood song and dance:

While most actors, especially today, are excellent dancers, few are also singers. Songs are generally pre-recorded by professional playback singers with actors lip-synching the words, often while dancing. One notable exception was Kishore Kumar who starred in several major films in the 1950s while also having a stellar career as a playback singer. K. L. Saigal, Suraiyya and Noor Jehan were also known as both singers and actors. Of late, a few actors have again tried singing for themselves. Amitabh Bachchan, who started the trend of non-singing stars at the mike with the runaway hit “Mere Angane Mein” in “Lawaaris” in the mid-80’s, continued his toe-dipping in singing with turns in “Silsila”, “Mahaan” “Toofan” and more recently in the movies Baghban and Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, as well as doing a duet with Adnan Sami in the song Kabhi Nahi (Never). Aamir Khan took a turn singing “Kya Bolti Tu” in Ghulam but only because “the character had attitude that only Aamir could do justice to”, according to director Vikram Bhatt. These forays, while well-received at the time, have not led to real singing careers for either actor.

Playback singers are prominently featured in the opening credits and have their own fans who will go to an otherwise lackluster movie just to hear their favorites. The composers of film music, known as music directors, are also well-known. Their songs can make or break a film and usually do.

The dancing in Bollywood films, especially older ones, is primarily modeled on Indian dance: classical dance styles, dances of historic northern Indian courtesans (tawaif), or folk dances. In modern films, Indian dance elements often blend with Western dance styles (as seen on MTV or in Broadway musicals), though it is not unusual to see Western pop and pure classical dance numbers side by side in the same film. The hero or heroine will often perform with a troupe of supporting dancers, usually of the same sex. If the hero and heroine dance and sing a pas-de-deux (a dance and ballet term, meaning “dance of two”), it is often staged in beautiful natural surroundings or architecturally grand settings.

What is Bollywood dancing?

Bollywood dancing is a commercial name for modern Indian dancing. It’s a combination of classical Indian dance (which is the base), folk dancing such as Bhangra and sometimes has a Latino and Arabic influence. It’s fun and very expressive and there’s a lot of deep meaning behind music in the films. You can actually express what the music means, through the graceful movements of the body.

Why is dancing so crucial to Bollywood films?

People in India have been brought up on musicals and if the music in a film isn’t very good, sometimes the movie doesn’t sell. Specific producers, such as Yash Chopra, Karan Johar generally produce movies with phenomenal and very emotional songs; hence the dancing comes into play.

Choreographers are now starting to take the industry by storm because Farah Khan – a famous choreographer recently directed her first movie called Main Hoon Na. This goes to show that people want to see elaborate and funky dance sequences, they don’t want pure acting, hence dancing is a crucial.

Dialogues and lyrics in Bollywood films:

The film script (frequently credited as “Dialogues”) and the song lyrics are often written by different people. The dialogues are mostly written in Hindi, with use of Urdu in situations which require poetic dialogues. Contemporary mainstream movies also make great use of English. Dialogues are often melodramatic and invoke God, family, mother, and self-sacrifice liberally.

– In the 1975 film Deewar, a dialogue between the gangster brother Vijay and his policeman brother Ravi:

Vijay: Hum dono ek hi jagah se apni zindagi ki shuruwat ki thi — aaj main kaha hoon aur tum kahan ho. Mere paas gaadi hai, bungalow hai, daulat hai — kya hai tumhaarey paas?

We both started our lives from the same place — look where I am today and where you are. I have cars, bungalows, wealth — what do you have?

<short pause>

Ravi: Mere paas ma hai.

I have Mother.

Music directors often prefer working with certain lyricists, to the point that the lyricist and composer are seen as a team. Song lyrics are usually about love. Bollywood song lyrics, especially in the old movies, frequently use Urdu or Hindustani vocabulary which has many elegant and poetic Arabic and Persian loan-words. Here’s a sample from the 1983 film Hero, written by the great lyricist Anand Bakshi:

Bichhdey abhi to hum, bas kal parso,

jiyoongi main kaisey, is haal mein barson?

Maut na aayi, teri yaad kyon aayi,

Haaye, lambi judaayi!

We have been separated just a day or two,

How am I going to go on this way for years?

Death doesn’t come; why, instead, do these memories of you?

Oh, this long separation!

Potpourri of Various Elements of Life Infact, numerous English films have also been produced by the directors of India. Not only English, sometimes, one can find amalgamation of a number of Indian languages in a single film, whether in its dialogues, subtitles or soundtracks. The films of Bollywood are typically musicals that have some or the other catchy music woven into the script. Good music, in the form of songs and dance numbers, is the main attribute of a successful film. The plot of movies is, more often than not, melodramatic. It usually has features like unlucky lovers and angry parents, love triangles, family attachments, sacrifice, crooked politicians, kidnappers, devious villains, courtesans with golden-hearts, long-lost relatives, theatrical reversals of destiny, siblings estranged by fate and opportune coincidences. Though the pattern is changing, films with hilarious stunts, technically advanced films, and art films are being produced. Evolution The first silent feature film of India was Raja Harishchandra (1913), which was made by Dadasaheb Phalke. It was by the 1930’s that the industry started producing more than 200 films every year. Alam Ara (1931) was the first Indian sound film, produced by Ardeshir Irani. With the bang of the Great Depression, World War II, the Indian Independence Movement and the Partition Violence, Bollywood suffered and then emerged with plots of social issues and independence struggle. By the late 1950s, the first color films of the Bollywood were released. During this period, the films were defined by sumptuous romantic musicals and melodramas. The period of late 1960s and early 1970s gave rise to romantic movies, action films and violent films. In the mid 1990’s, the box-office was stroked by family-centric romantic musicals once again. The quality, cinematography, innovative story lines and technical quality advances of the filmmaking have taken Indian cinema to great heights.

Cast and crew in Bollywood films:

Bollywood employs people from all parts of India. It attracts thousands of aspiring actors and actresses, all hoping for a break in the industry. Models and beauty contestants, television actors, theatre actors and even common people come to Mumbai with the hope and dream of becoming a star. Just as in Hollywood very few succeed.

Stardom in the entertainment industry is very fickle, and Bollywood is no exception. Popularity of the stars can rise and fall rapidly, based on single movies. Very few people become national icons, who are unaffected by success or failure of their movies, like Amitabh Bachchan. Directors compete to hire the most popular stars of the day, who are believed to guarantee the success of a movie (though this belief is not always supported by box-office results). Hence stars make the most of their fame, once they become popular, by making several movies simultaneously. Aamir Khan is one of the few actors who is notable for his insistence on doing only one movie at a time.

Bollywood can be clannish, and the relatives of film-industry insiders have an edge in getting coveted roles. One notable film clan is the Kapoors: the patriarch Prithviraj Kapoor, his sons Raj Kapoor, Shammi, and Shashi, Raj’s sons Randhir, Rishi, and Rajiv, and Randhir’s daughters Karisma and Kareena Kapoor, have all been popular actors or even stars. Yet industry connections are no guarantee of a long career: competition is brutal and if film industry scions don’t succeed at the box office, their careers will falter.

Bollywood awards:

The Indian screen magazine Filmfare started the first Filmfare Awards in 1953. These awards were to be Bollywood’s version of the Academy Awards. Magazine readers submit their votes and the awards are presented at a glamorous, star-studded ceremony. Like the Oscars, they are frequently accused of bias towards commercial success rather than merit.

Other companies (Stardust magazine, Zee TV etc) later entered the award business. Some of the other popular awards are:

  • Zee Cine Awards
  • Star Screen Awards
  • Stardust awards
  • IIFA Awards

They all sponsor elaborately staged award ceremonies, featuring singing, dancing, and lots of stars and starlets.

Since 1973, the Indian government has sponsored the National Film Awards, awarded by the government-sponsored Directorate of Film Festivals (DFF). The DFF screens not only Bollywood films, but films from all the other regional cinemas and independent/art films. These awards are handed out at a ceremony presided over by the President of India and hence are coveted by all.

Finances in Bollywood films:

Bollywood budgets are usually modest by Hollywood standards. Sets, costumes, special effects, and cinematography were less than world-class up until the mid-to-late 1990s. But as Western films and television gain wider distribution in India itself, there is increasing pressure for Bollywood films to attain the same production levels. Sequences shot overseas have proved a real box office draw, so Mumbai film crews are increasingly peripatetic, filming in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, continental Europe and elsewhere. Nowadays, Indian producers are drawing in more and more funding for big-budget films shot within India as well, such as Lagaan, Devdas, and the current production The Rising.

Funding for Bollywood films often comes from private distributors and a few large studios. Indian banks were forbidden to lend money to film productions, but this ban has been lifted recently. As the finances are not regulated properly some of the money also comes from illegitimate sources. Mumbai gangsters have produced films, patronized stars, and used muscle to get their way in cinematic deals. In January of 2000, Mumbai mafia hitmen shot at Rakesh Roshan, film director and father of star Hrithik Roshan; he had rebuffed mob attempts to meddle with his film distribution. In 2001 the Central Bureau of Investigation, India’s national police agency, seized all prints of the film Chori Chori Chupke Chupke after the movie was found to be funded by members of the Mumbai underworld.

Another problem facing Bollywood is piracy of its films. Often pirated DVDs arrive before the print for the picture. Factories in Pakistan and India stamp out thousands of illegal DVDs, VCDs, and VHS tapes, which are then shipped all over the world. (Copying is particularly rife in Pakistan, since the government has banned the import of Indian films, leaving piracy as the only way to distribute them.) Films are frequently broadcast without compensation by countless small cable-TV companies in India and Asia. Small Indian grocery-spice-video stores in the U.S. and the U.K. stock tapes and DVDs of dubious provenance while consumer copying adds to the problem.

Satellite TV, television and imported foreign films are making huge inroads into the domestic Indian entertainment market. In the past, most Bollywood films could make money; now fewer do so. Balanced against this are the increasing returns from theatres in Western countries like the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States of America, where Bollywood is slowly getting noticed. As more Indians migrate to these countries, they form a growing market for upscale Indian films. ‘Foreign’ audiences—in Asian and Western countries—are also growing, if more slowly.

21st century Bollywood The 21st century brought immense popularity to the Bollywood, so much so that its films appeal the audience of all segments. Owing to aperture of the abroad market, more movies are released abroad and in cine-multiplexes that cause wider box office successes in India and overseas.

What problems does Bollywood face?

Bollywood’s biggest problem is piracy – where people copy the films and either sell them or show them to other people for free. At the moment not all films made make more money than they cost to make, even though they can be seen by around one billion people.

If everyone paid to see the film legally the industry would make lots more money. At the moment Bollywood film producers are trying to work out a way to stop this happening. Another problem is that younger generations sometimes find the stories a bit predictable and are get bored of the similar tales. Film-makers are trying to solve this by changing storylines to reflect real life – like the fact that children of Indian families now study abroad.

What’s the future for Bollywood?

The future looks even brighter for Bollywood. Big US film companies such as Warner Bros and Twentieth Century Fox are setting up offices in India. Where Indian film makers have found it difficult to compete with Hollywood’s special effects, this is seen as the next big area for Bollywood to develop.

Source :Source/Credits: Wikimedia/BBC/Other Internet Sites

Auditoriums In Mumbai

About Mumbai Auditoriums:

Mumbai is the hub of commercial activities in India. Taking into consideration the requirements of this metropolis, auditoriums have cropped up to serve as venues for big conferences, seminars, meetings, competitions, discussions and presentations. Auditoriums, infact, provide a great site for social, educational, spiritual and recreational activities. They also host various events like workshops, readings, lecture-demonstrations and performances. Cultural activities like music concerts, dance performances, plays and dramas are the other facets of the auditoriums. Corporate training programmes, school annual day functions, product launches and film shootings are also arranged in the auditoriums of Bombay.Here is the list of Auditoriums In Mumbai with their addresses and wibsite and contact no:

Name and Information


Sivaswamy Auditorium
Located in Fine Arts Chowk, near Chembur flyover, Sivaswamy Auditorium is an ideal centre for large conferences, seminars, presentations and cultural performances of all kinds. The seating capacity of this Auditorium is around 1300.
The Fine Arts Society, , RC Marg, Chembur
Mumbai – 400 071

Tel:+(91)-(22) 2522 2988

Zaverben Sabha Griha
Zaverben Sabha Griha is located in the vibrant area of Ghatkopar. It provides many streams of activities like seminars, meetings, competitions, discussions and all kind of cultural programmes and other functions. Seating Capacity: 730.
Kapadia Ghatkopar (E)
Mumbai – 400 021

Tel:+(91)-(22) 25115078

Kalidas Natya Sabhagriha
Kalidas Natya Sabhagriha has 1500 seat capacity, all seats in this attractively decorated auditorium offers a perfect view of the stage. This auditorium is suitable for hosting numerous events like seminars, lectures & discussions, press conferences etc.
Mulund (E)
Mumbai 400080

Tel:+(91)-(22) 25612722

Homi Bhabha Auditorium
The Homi Bhabha Auditorium is a part of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research complex in south Mumbai. It was named after India’s first nuclear scientist. Seating Capacity: 1036.
Navy Nagar, Colaba
Mumbai – 400 005

Tel:+(91)-(22) 22152343

Chhabildas Auditorium
If you are a lover of cultural activities, visit this prestigious auditorium which is located in Dadar. Spread over a vast area in the heart of the city’s cultural arena and with seating capacity of around 500 people, the auditorium is become an impressive structure.
Tilak Bridge Akshikar Street Dadar (West)
Mumbai – 400 028

Tel:+(91)-(22) 2430 2166

Nariman Point
Tata Theatre
Tata Theater is the prestigious staging facility for music, dance and drama at the NCPA complex. It is the brainchild of Dr. J.J. Bhabha. The theatre gather around 1000 people, it is built in the thrust shape, almost semi-circular and the auditorium with a similar fan shape.
N C P A, Nariman Point
Mumbai – 400 021

Tel:+(91)-(22) 22833838
Fax:+(91)-(22) 22845350

Alliance Francaise Auditorium
Alliance Francaise de Bombay is not only an education organization, it also houses an auditorium. It offers a diverse and exiting cultural events each month. A very good auditorium in this area.


Marine Lines
Mumbai – 400 020

Tel:+(91)-(22) 2203-6187
Fax:+(91)-(22) 2206 61 57

Experimental Theatre
Experimental Theatre having capacity around 300 members, hosts numerous events like workshops, readings, lecture-demonstrations and performances where practitioners can co-operate with musicians, dancers, film directors, photographers, painters and sculptors to hammer out new concepts, meet fresh challenges.
National Centre for Performing Arts,
Nariman Point
Mumbai – 400 020

Tel:+(91)-(22) 2282-4567

Nehru Centre Auditorium
An auditorium where 936 (approx.) people gather to view any cultural programmes. Located in the basement of Nehru Planetarium, the auditorium usually boasts classical music and dance recitals, concerts and plays. It also houses conferences, company meetings, performances and social, educational, cultural and recreational activities.
Discovery Of India Bldg. Dr Annie Besant Road, Worli
Mumbai – 400 018

Tel:+(91)-(22) 24933340

Rangsharada Auditorium
Located near Lilavati Hospital, Rangsharda Auditorium houses for large conferences, seminars, presentations and cultural performances like music, dances etc. Seating capacity: 800
Hotel Rangsharda, , Bandra Reclamation, Bandra (W)
Mumbai 400050

Tel:+(91)-(22) 26401919, 26430544
Fax:+(91)-(22) 26402529

St.Andrews Auditorium
St.Andrews is an Auditorium cum Charity Centre, it is popularly known with the thespians and theatre-lovers and the orphans at St. Mary’s. This auditorium having 811 seats accommodates training programmes by corporates, school annual day functions, product launches and film shootings.
St.Domnic Road , Bandra (West),
Mumbai 400050

Tel:+(91)-(22) 26410926

Acharya Shri Tulsi Auditorium
Acharya Shri Tulsi Auditorium is located at third floor of Terapanth Bhavan. The auditorium has 418 seat capacity, all seats in this attractively decorated auditorium offers a perfect view of the stage. This auditorium is suitable for hosting numerous events like seminars, lectures & discussions, press conferences, performances and social, educational, cultural , school annual day functions, and recreational activities & boasts classical music and dance recitals.
Terapanth Bhavan, Near Cambridge School, Thakur Complex, Kandivali (E).
Mumbai 400101

Tel:+(91)-(22) 28702870, 28702871

Bhaidas Sabhagriha
If you are interested to view any cultural programs, Bhaidas Sabhagriha is a very nice place. It has 4 Dressing Rooms. Seating capacity: 1179 (approx.)
Vile Parle (W)
Mumbai – 400 056

Tel:+(91)-(22) 26140669

Iskcon Auditorium
Located in ISKCON Temple, the auditorium houses daily spiritual programs. Seating capacity: 425.
Mumbai – 400 049

Tel:+(91)-(22) 26201678 / 26202016

Prithvi Theatre
Prithvi Theatre is one of the best known theatre, that belongs from Kapoors, an influential actor/director families in Bollywood. Located very close to Juhu beach, the theatre was opened in 1944.


20 Janki Kutir Juhu Church Road
Mumbai – 400 049

Tel:+(91)-(22) 26149546
Fax:+(91)-(22) 26175775

Navi Mumbai
Vishnudas Bhave Natyagruha
Situated at an exclusive location with a spacious parking, the auditorium stands as an jewel in the crown of Navi Mumbai. It caters cultural as well as the entertainment needs of the Navi Mumbai residents. Seating capacity: 1082 (approx.)
Sector 16-A, Vashi
Navi Mumbai

Tel:+(91)-(22) 27669100

Gadkari Rangayatan
An enchanting place for the theatre lovers, the Gadkari Rangayatan, 1,098-seater auditorium just became extra-special. The auditorium has cultural programs running all through the year.
Dr Moose Road Talaopadi Thane
Thane 400601

Tel:+(91)-(22) 2536 2165