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Versova Beach Mumbai

General Information About Versova Beach Mumbai:

  • Location: North of Juhu Beach, Greater Mumbai
  • Attractions: Scenic coastline, fish market, etc

More About Versova Beach Mumbai:

Versova Beach presents a scenic coastline, nestled cozily in Greater Mumbai. It is separated from Juhu Beach, attributable to a creek. The glorious Arabian Sea charge the sandy coast with its cooling waters. Absolutely a fun destination, Versova Beach is residence to the oldest inhabitants of Bombay, the Kolis – a fishing community. One can visit this lovely place anytime round the year, yet months between September and February offers the best time, when the city observes less clamminess. Versova Sea is unlike Marine Drive which is guarded by the tetrapods. Versova beach in Mumbai uses massive rocks to buffer the buildings from the waves. When there is high tide, the whole of the beach goes under water. That is the only reason Versova beach is unlike the Juhu beach. The beach is without the food stalls, or food courts on the shore. Nor does the Versova beach have any lighting or illumination, making it slightly unsafe for the women after dusk. However, this beach is famous amongst the couples who take shelter behind the rocks for few moments of intimacy. For the past few years the local citizens and the BMC is trying hard to improve the conditions of the beach. The Save Versova Association was later formed for improving the condition of the beach. The beach still lacks the basic facilities like the lifeguard facility which are necessary for considering the treacherous waters here. There are some houses too in here. Every year some of these homes are washed away by the people due to the floods. However, the people somehow manage to rebuild them somehow. There many good hotels where you can stay and enjoy the beachside view. Armed with fishing nets and lines, they move ahead to get their first catch of fish for the day. Apart from this, evening is the perfect time to stroll around the Versova Beach and catch a glimpse of the sunset leaving behind patches of red hues on the water. The water near the beach is known for whirlpools and deep treacherous hole, so swimming there is a strict No-No. Infact, during high tide, the entire Versova Beach gets submerged under water. This is the main reason why you will not find any food stalls or other kiosks lining the beach. Unlike other beaches, the buildings near it are not guarded by tetrapods. Rather, massive rocks are used to buffer them from the sea waves. Versova Beach is a favorite haunt of couples, who come here to spend time with each other, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. When here, do not forget to visit the Juhu Beach and ISKCON Temple situated nearby.Swimming is an exciting activity out here, but you need to be cautious during tides. The sea becomes violent in high tides, so it is not advisable to go here at such time. Sometimes the whole beach gets submerged in water due to glut of high tides. Even after all this, Versova Beach is still known for its charming locales and surroundings. Amongst all the scenes, the best scene at the beach is made by the fishermen, when they brace themselves to barge into the sea and get their first catch. What you have seen in the pictures, women with fish-baskets on their head, comes alive here at the beach. And for sure, you would not resist taking your camera and clicking some great pictures of the fishermen engaged in their livelihood. You can also check the local market, where fish are sold and delicacies made of fish are served in indigenous manner. Rocks on the beach make the hedge of the buildings sited on the other side. Visit this beautiful beach to experience the original tang of Mumbai.When in Versova Beach you could plan various other destinations that are equally fulfilling in what they offer. There is Juhu Beach that is another hot fun lovers destination. When in Juhu you could visit ISKCON temple and get some faith healing.

Specialty Of Versova Beach Mumbai:

Biggest Group Of Kolis (fisherman’s Of Mumbai), Clean beach Compared to Juhu beach.

Good Places Nearby Versova Beach Mumbai:

4 Bungalows & 7 Bungalows (A Famous Location for Bollywood Film stars Staying, Isckon temple (Hare Rama Hare Krishna), Shoppers Stop, Chandan Cinema and Croma for all types of Electronic Goods.

Famous Eateries at Versova Beach Mumbai :

Bhel Puri or Pani Puris, Other Pav Bhaji’s, Chana Masala etc.

How to Reach Versova Beach Mumbai:

One can easily reach Versova Beach by boarding buses or trains, or by hiring autos or taxis from the city.You need to reach Andheri station at first in order to reach the Versova Beach in Mumbai . Then you can catch a BEST bus number 251 or 249 and can reach the beach. You can also use the road ways to directly reach the beach. Mumbai being a Metropolitan, it has airport of its own. People from all over visit this beach.

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Madh Island Beach Mumbai

General Information About Madh Island Beach Mumbai:

  • Location: Northwest Coast of Mumbai
  • Attractions: Madh Fort, Church of St. Bonaventure
  • Best time to visit: You can find rush here throughout the year; the best time to visit Madh Island Beach is from October to June.

More About Madh Island Beach Mumbai:

Madh Island is situated in Mumbai. Madh Island is another popular spot, which comes off surprisingly in the rural area of Mumbai’s northwestern coast. It is dotted with the bungalows of the urban upper class. It has a reputation as a discreet place to throw beach parties and hold techno raves. Madh is lined by a series of unspoilt sandy beaches. The beaches are not particularly picturesque, strong currents and shifting sands make the sea too treacherous for swimming. The main reason to come here is to escape the urban environment, explore the fishing villages and enjoy a stroll along the seashore.Madh Island Beach is situated along the northwest coast of the Mumbai city of India. One of the unique features of this beach is its rural background, which completely contrasts with the luxurious bungalows that seem to be lining its forefront. Apart from its scenic locales and magnificent natural beauty, it is also known for its rave parties, the parties that are thrown inconspicuously by the crème de la crème of Mumbai.The best thing about Madh Island Beach is the number of unspoilt sandy beaches where you can revel in utmost peace and calm. However, the beaches are not exactly picturesque, strong and wild Sea current make the beach treacherous and susceptible to the changing of its area and hence it is advisable not to venture out into the Sea.

Madh Fort is the main attraction other than Madh Island Beach. The fort is also called as Versova Fort. The fort was built by Portuguese rulers. Earlier, it was used as a watchtower and as a base for the ships, which used to do patrolling in the sea. In the late 60’s and in the decade of 70’s the fort was used for the training cadets. There is one more fort present here. It is not that much known because now what you see are only the remains of the fort. It is the sub fort of the Versova fort which was mainly used for storage of food, arms and ammunition. St. Bonaventure church is also a place u can visit. A church will take you into the Portuguese era.

During low tide, one can actually walk across the sands from Dana Paani Beach in Erangal to Aksa Beach. Erangal village is a lovely place on the Madh Island, where people usually rely on farming. Here, you can find many holiday cottages on top of bungalows. The Church of St. Bonaventure, a Portuguese church that dates back to the 16th century, is another site to visit on the island. To put succinctly, Madh Island Beach is a place that is close to nature and makes a perfect hangout for solitude lovers.Whatever be the mood of the sea here, you can be rest assured that Madh island Beach provides you a complete escape from the heat and dust of the city and it is a perfect destination to chill out and reflect alone or your dear ones. You can stroll along the seashore and explore the fishing community that populates the area. Another attraction on Madh Island Beach is the Madh Fort also called Versova fort. It is believed that this fort was built by the Portuguese as a watchtower and later used as a training camp for cadets. You could come over here for a fresh bout of breeze and fort’s picturesque locale that is sure to enthrall you.Still, Madh Island beach serves as the perfect retreat from the city full of concrete and tensions. You can come here alone or with your closed friends and family members and have lots and lots of fun. Apart from natural beauty, the beach is also known for the Madh Fort, also called Versova fort, situated nearby and the fishing community that resides here. Come here, relax a bit and let your mind wander to the comforting beauty of nature.

How to Reach Madh Island Beach Mumbai:

Private vehicles is prefered, But quite good bus and auto facilities are also available from malad station located in western railway route of Mumbai.One can easily reach Madh Island Beach by boarding buses or trains, or by hiring autos or taxis from the city.

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Marine Drive Beach Mumbai

General Information About Marine Drive Beach Mumbai:

  • Location: South Mumbai
  • Attractions: Art Deco buildings, beautiful esplanade

More Information About Marine Drive Beach Mumbai:

Marine Drive Beach is situated along the shoreline of the Arabian Sea and stretches right from the Nariman Point to the foot of Malabar Hill. The two ends of the beach come across as completely contrasting, with the Nariman Point being a concrete jungle and Malabar Hill being resplendent with nature’s beauty. Marine Drive Beach was reclaimed from the Back Bay in 1920 and since then, it has been extremely popular amongst the locals as well as the tourists visiting the Mumbai city of India. Marine Drive is located in the central Mumbai. It was built in the 1920s and 1930s on land rescued from the sea. It is Mumbai’s most famous pathway, where people walk and sit in the evenings. It is also known as “Queen’s Necklace” because of the dramatic line of street lamps lit up at night that surround the beach. Recently it’s name has been changed to “Netaji Subhashchandra Bose Road”. Marine Drive is a fun place to be, here you can enjoy yourself by watching children playing with sand and vendors selling toys and food. Truly, a colorful beach. Cool breezes sweeping the beach serve as an excellent relaxant for the body and its cool sands lure you to take long walks. Marine Drive Beach stretches over an area of approximately three kilometers and is very popular amongst kids who come here to run around, play games and have fun. Even couples frequent the place in large numbers to spend sometime in solitude. You will find a large number of hawkers at the Marine Drive Beach, selling delicious street food, local knick knacks, and so on. This beach has many unique features, the beach is C shaped. There are about six lanes and a long running coast. It is a natural bay on the Arabian Sea. It connects Nariman Point and Malbar Hill. The promenade is the chief attraction of the beach. At the sunset you can view the fabulous sunset also the pal trees look beautiful. The beach is famous for the food stalls. The beach has lately got much polluted and so swimming is thus out of question. There are many restaurants and famous hotels located in here. Marine Drive houses the governor of Maharashtra in another area of Mumbai. The prices of real estate are really high in this area. The locality near the Marine Drive beach is full of the Parsi community. This area is second to Miami in the United States. The Marine Drive beach, Mumbai is unlike the other beaches. The beach is full of people al the year round. The beach is also quite famous for its amazing sunset views. One of the most popular promenades in Mumbai, marine Drive will catch you unawares with its picturesque beauty. The road running along the beach has been termed as the ‘Queen’s Necklace’, because of the spectacular curve of its glittering streetlights at night. Whenever you are in the Mumbai city, make sure to visit this magnificent beach and lose yourself in the fun that seems to be resonating in its surroundings.

How to Reach Marine Drive Beach Mumbai:

One can easily reach Marine Drive by boarding buses or trains, or by hiring autos or taxis from the city.You can reach this beach very easily. Marine Drive beach, Mumbai is very easily reached by train or bus and so many people visit this place in large numbers. This beach is centrally located and so people from all over Mumbai come here.

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Juhu Beach Mumbai

General Information About Juhu Beach Mumbai:

  • Location: Central suburb of Mumbai
  • Attractions: Beautiful sunsets, local food, etc

More About Juhu Beach Mumbai:

Like Chowpatty, its downtown counterpart, uptown Juhu Beach is also a bourgeois paradise, filled to the gills with screaming children, courting couples and rowdy adolescents. If you want a more fancy excursion, however, retreat behind Juhu’s many five star hotels, for a steaming cup of coffee and a splendid view of the coast. The most popular of these beachfront hotels are the Sun and Sand and Holiday Inn. The government run Juhu Centaur also has a 24 hour coffee shop with a view of the sea.Juhu Beach is a beautiful beach, which gets strokes of turquoise waves day and night. Located in the central suburb of Mumbai, this coastline acts as a coolant to your worries and tensions. One can access this unruffled beach from Vile Parle, Santa Cruz and Andheri as well. It’s the pre-eminent place to view spectacular sunsets, when the ceaseless horizon appears splendidly tinted in shades of red and orange. This lovely sight of the sun descending into the vast Arabian Sea, presents an amazing vista that is hard to forget.One of the main attraction of Juhu beach is Sunset. Plan your day long program to spend few hours at Juhu beach during Sun set time.On the beach there are food stalls offering local dishes and these rows of small restaurants are popular among Mumbai people and in visitors also.Famous for its mesmerizing sunset when the horizon against the vast unending expanse of surging Arabian Sea is resplendent with a host of hues that the violent Red of the dying Sun turns into. Come to witness this awe inspiring spectacle when the Sun softly descends into the Arabian Sea leaving behind the patches of its redness which you can lap up a memento of your visit to this fantastic beach.Always a popular hunt for the city dwellers, Juhu beach has more than sand and Sun, it is famous for Mumbai’s own street food. You could relish on lip smacking Bhel Puri, Pani Puri, Shev Puri, Chats and don’t miss out on the delectable Pa Bhaji. You may not count on hygiene of these foods, but of course when in India one got to be strong and resilient. But if even that fails to turn you on, then be rest assured that you have a clutch of some of the most luxury hotels and restaurants in the vicinity to keep your taste buds contented.As the Sun goes down, Juhu Beach cloaks in the feel of fun-fair, where local food stalls and ferry riders’ horde the area. Like Chowpatty Beach, it is a popular place to spend time in the evenings and enjoy the appetizing local snacks of Mumbai. You can nibble the spicy Bhel Puri or gobble the appetizing Pani Puri at the local kiosks out here. Pav Bhaji could be another delicacy that you would love to eat again and again. On weekends, it become an extravaganza in presence of vendors, toy sellers, horse and donkey rides, dancing monkeys, acrobats and cricket matches.When in Juhu, you could add to your itinerary some other hot spots of the area. If you are somewhere near to mysticism then ISKCON temple is the place to be. To catch a dramatic relief to your trip to Mumbai, you may well savor some piping hot coffee within the stimulating environs of the Prithvi Theater that has kept the genre of plays alive and kicking. You can also plan a visit to Gandhi Gram at the North end of Juhu beach, where Mahatma Gandhi used to live when he practiced law in the Bombay High Court.You may also love to know that today Juhu is home to some of the iconic stars of Bollywood too, with the legendary film stars like Amitabh Bachchan and Madhuri Dixit residing here.Juhu Beach is frequently visited by score of people round the year. It has been picturized in many movies of the Bollywood, but it seems actors have liked this place so much that they have chosen it as their abode. Many a hotels and lavish restaurants have cropped up on its southern side. To its north, there lies the Versova Beach, renowned for its fishing community. Not advisable for swimming and sun-bathing, Juhu Beach is a perfect place to enjoy the tasty local food and admire the mesmerizing sunsets.

How to Reach Juhu Beach Mumbai:

One can easily reach Juhu Beach by boarding buses or trains, or by hiring autos or taxis from the city.

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Chowpatty Beach Mumbai

General Information About Chowpatty Beach Mumbai:

  • Location: Northern end of Marine Drive, South Mumbai
  • Attractions: Local delicacies, amusements etc

More About Chowpatty Beach Mumbai:

Chowpatty Beach is a place that requires no introduction. No tour to Mumbai is complete without visiting this lively beach, which is not meant for sunbathing or swimming, but for eating. Situated at the northern end of Marine drive, Chowpatty Beach is popular amongst people of all age groups. Every evening, this beach gets stuffed with people, amidst food kiosks, ferry rides, balloon sellers, etc. Indeed, it’s a place where you would love to come after a tiring day to please your taste buds, suck in some fresh air and gradually cooling your heels.Apart from Juhu in the suburbs, Chowpatty is Mumbai’s most famous beach. During the day, it is the hangout of the happily unemployed who snooze under the shade of its stunted trees. But in the evening the atmosphere is more like a carnival: kids screaming on Ferris wheels or taking pony rides, wayside astrologers making a quick buck, monkey shows, and even the odd self -styled gymnast who will demonstrate amazing yogic postures for a small fee. At one end is a row of bhelpuri shops hawking Mumbai’s most popular snack: crisp puffed rice and semolina doused in pungent chutneys, all scooped up with a flat, fried puri. You might even catch a film shoot or a street play. In short, for most tourists Chowpatty is where the action is.Moreover, it hosts various festivals of the Hindus throughout the year. Coconut Festival and Ganesh Chaturthi are the events that bring together people, from all stratus of the Commercial Capital of India. During the sunlight hours, Chowpatty Beach makes the resort of the people who doze under the shade of small trees. However, the evenings transform the whole beach into a venue for some carnival, where children enjoy in ferry rides and pony rides, while curb wayside astrologers make some swift money.Chowpatty beach is among the most frequently visited beaches in Mumbai. Situated at the top end of Marine Drive, It is the only beach in the central part of Mumbai. Feel lucky to witness the annual thread-tying ceremony and Nariel Purnima at Chowpatty Beach in Mumbai. Here the idols of Ganesha are immersed on the last day of Ganesh Chaturthi. Chowpatty Beach in Mumbai is also famous for a huge line of stalls, selling Bhelpuri, Kulfi and Paan. The shooting galleries, snake charmers, monkey trainers, balloon sellers and masseurs- enjoy all of these at Chowpatty Beach in Mumbai Marine Drive, the Jewel of Mumbai.You can delight in the shows of professional masseurs, beebee-gun shooting galleries, contortionists, snake charmers and monkey-trainers. Take a quick bite of ‘bhel-puri’ that once eaten, you will not be able to resist. Relish the local delicacies such as Pav Bhaji, Pani Puri and Kulfi sold at local stalls dotting the beach. Chowpatty Beach acts as a hangout for masses in all seasons. Don’t forget to explore this lively beach of Mumbai, where evenings are bustling and days are quite somber.

How to Reach Chowpatty Beach Mumbai:

One can easily reach Chowpatty Beach by boarding buses or trains, or by hiring autos or taxis from the city.

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