About Gardens & Parks In Mumbai:

The city may look overtly crowded and chaos seeming to be the order of the day, however, there is one respite that takes care of all the heat and grime of this maximum city and that is indubitably a host of parks and grounds that make up for all the fatigue you may incur when in Mumbai.Mumbai is dotted with parks and gardens, which offer a breathing space as well as doll up the bustling city of Maharashtra. Amidst elevated towers and buildings, lush green parks provide a retreat to the city-dwellers. Moreover, foliage always helps to purify the air and keep the pollution under control.Mumbai is often referred to Concrete Jungle. With a good mixture of both well-maintained parks and colourful landscaped gardens, Mumbai is home to many important areas of green. Particularly impressive are the Mumbai Hanging Gardens, which have become known for their views as much as their landscaping.Though, the commercial capital of India is renowned for its abundant sky-touching buildings, Mumbai boasts of a few panoramic parks and gardens as well which are oasis of calm and peace in this bustling city. Most of the people in Mumbai have hectic schedules and very less spare time to spend with their family and friends. It’s an easy place to get some relief from stressful life in the lap of nature.Same is the case with the Mumbai city of India. The people living here love to venture out in the evenings, go to such places and enjoy as a family. Given below is complete information on the major gardens and parks of Bombay.Here is the full information about Garden and Parks In Mumbai with full detail.

Victoria Gardens or Rani Jijamata Udyaan:

Victoria Gardens or Rani Jijamata Udyaan also called Rani Bag is located at Byculla in the heart of Mumbai. Laid out in 1861, Victoria Gardens is essentially a Zoo and houses the Victoria and Albert museum, a rich repository of Mumbai’s industrial and agricultural past.Jijamata Udyan is another name for the Victoria Gardens, situated in the Byculla area of Mumbai. Read More>>

Sanjay Gandhi National Park:

Presently renowned as Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali National Park is a unique wildlife park situated within the city limits of Mumbai. The Park was known as Krishnagiri Park during pre-independence period and later as Borivali National Park. In 1990 the park is renamed as Sanjay Gandhi National park. It has the reputation of being the most visited National Park and also being the World’s largest park within the city limits. Read More>>

Kamala Nehru Park:

Kamla Nehru Park is one of the most famous picnic spots in the Mumbai city. It is especially very popular amongst the kids, who come here to indulge in their childish outdoor games and have fun. The park is situated on top of the enchanting Malabar Hill and spreads over an area of approximately 3,300 sq m. Read More>>

Flora Fountain:

Flora fountain is beautifully adorned stone fountain which is located in the Fort area in South Mumbai. The fountain was built in 1864. It represents the Roman Goddess Flora which is the ‘Goddess of Abundance’. Today, Flora fountain is a heritage structure. The total cost to build this structure was Rs. 47,000 which was a considerable amount during that time. Read More>>

Horniman Circle Gardens:

In South Mumbai, Horniman Circle Gardens represent a green territory amidst the soaring buildings. This large park sprawls in an area of 10,101 sq m, in the Fort district. It is encircled by the office complexes lodging the leading banks of India. Horniman Circle Garden overlooks the prominent landmark of the city, the Asiatic Society of Bombay. Read More>>

Hanging Gardens:

Hanging Gardens also known as Ferozeshah Mehta Gardens are the perfectly manicured terraced gardens on the slopes of the Malabar Hill, just opposite the Kamala Nehru Park. Providing a calming view of Sunset over the Arabian Sea, the Hanging Gardens have been carved into the shapes of animals. The park, which was laid out in 1881 over Bombay’s main reservoir, owes its name to the renowned barrister Pherozshah Mehta. Read More>>

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