MTNL Mumbai Telephone Directory


MTNL Mumbai Telephone Directory:

Important Phone Numbers, Emergency Numbers, Phone Book, Helplines, Dolphin, Garuda, Services, Listing Of Mumbai, Inquires, Internet, Lease Lines, Telecoms Dir in Bombay City, Contact Numbers, MTNL Yellow Pages for Broadband Services.

Here is a list of Important Phone Numbers, Emergency Numbers, Phone Book, Helplines, Dolphin, Garuda, Services for MTNL, Mumbai.

How to set morning alarm on MTNL phone?

Dial 116 followed by the time you want the operator to call you from your MTNL landline to set a morning alarm. (For eg: If you want the alarm at 05:30 in the morning, dial 1160530)

MTNL Internet/ broadband helpline 1800228844 or 1504
General Enquiry 22007000, 197
Call Center (from MTNL landline) 1500
GARUDA Helpline 1502
DOLPHIN Services 1503 / 9869012345
TRUMP Services 1503 / 9869198691
Public Grievance Service 1509
STD Assistance Service 1582
Fault Booking 198
Changed Number Announcement 1951 (Hindi),1952 (English),

1953 (Marathi)

Directory Enquiry 197
IN Services & Complaints 1800222222
Local Assistance 199
Time in English / Hindi / Marathi 174, 121
Morning Alarm 116 + Time
Phonogram 185, 22624244
Fault Repair Exchange Code + 2198
Announcement System 1951/52/53
Internet Helpline( Prabhadevi) 24331175, 24331408
Emergency Attention (Prabhadevi) 24307080, 2308070
MTNL Radio Paging Services 24361414, 24360067
General Manager Office ( LC ) MTNL Mumbai, Tele. Bldg., Gr. Floor,Charanjit Rai Marg, Fort, Mumbai 400001
Email Address MTNL
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