Fashion Street Mumbai

General Information About Fashion Street Mumbai:

  • Location: Opposite Azad Maidan in South Mumbai
  • Attractions: Clothes and fashion accessories at cheap rates
  • Famous For: Readymade clothes

Timings of Fashion Street Mumbai:

This busy street is basically all days open from morning 11:00 till late 8:00 pm, but best is to go between 12:00 to 4:30 as little less crowd is expected during same time. Sundays are all full.

More Information About Fashion Street Mumbai:

Fashion Street (FS) is the name that you can hear from most of the college students in Mumbai as soon as the last bell rings. Indeed, it has become the stomping ground of the students and teenagers, who make the style statement in their classrooms and the realm of fashion. Located adjoining the Cross Maidan and opposite Azad Maidan in South Mumbai, Fashion Street is actually a market flooded with export surplus clothing. It is a group of more than 100 shops, where you can get chic clothes and fashion accessories at very cheap rates.Readymade garments are one of Mumbai’s chief exports – and the surplus lands up at Fashion Street, a huddle of little shops on Mahatma Gandhi Road. They cost only a fraction of the price in foreign stores however, and are grabbed by fashion conscious collegians fresh off the rack. Haggling, of course is half the fun of buying. Begin at half the quoted price and work your way gradually upwards, then follow though with a thorough appraisal of the goods: much of the stuff here is rejected by quality conscious importers and likely to have a missing button or crooked collar. But by and large the clothes are of good quality, trendy, and probably the cheapest anywhere in the world.Fashion Street in Mumbai is located in bust MG Road. This is the dream place of trendy fashions. Plenty of textile shops selling all varieties of fashion dresses are the main attractions of the street. The super malls to small petty shops sell beautiful varieties of dresses for all ages. Shopping freaks can get all kinds of items from traditional dresses to state of the art most modern trendy styled wearsThe Fashion Street in Mumbai is famous for cheap but trendy clothes. Here you can buy shirts, tee-shirts and comfortable cotton clothes for children at very low prices. This market is situated just opposite to one of Mumbai’s exclusive clubs, the Bombay Gymkhana also known as the Bombay Gym.Fashion Street is one of the premier markets of Mumbai, popular for housing a wide variety of readymade garments. The market is nothing but a cluster of 130 to 140 clothes stores, where you can get almost anything and everything that is in fashion. It is situated on the M.G. Road of Mumbai, close to the famous Metro Cinema and Dhobi Talao. Fashion Street houses a number of shoe shops and jewelry shops also. Mumbai is one of the leading cities of India, in terms of the export of readymade garments.

Types of Clothes in Fashion Street Mumbai:

Fashion street is famous for trendy Jeans, Track pants, Capris, Shirts, Skirts, Tops, Skimpy night wear, Toddlers clothes. Also there are Caps, Earrings, Sports shoes, Kolhapuri chappals and mojris, Belts etc. Lots of clothes has defects and are rejected pieces just because of No buttons and such minor faults. Sellers at fashion street are open to exchange if you see any defects and bring back as per in limited time.

Most of the clothes land here because they get rejected by the quality conscious importers. It is possible that you may get a button missing or crooked collar, but on the whole, these clothes are stylish, cheap and of good quality. Mumbai, the Business Capital of India, is the prime exporter of readymade clothes to abroad. The clothes, which make the craze stuff in the leading stores of the US and Europe, can be obtained at Fashion Street, besides for a fraction of their price overseas. Export quality dress materials are available here in cheap prizes. Do not forget to bargain on the prices.

Bargaining at Fashion Street Mumbai:

Being a smart buyer and bargaining at your best is the thumb rule for people visiting Fashion Street. A tip for same is to start with half of the price quoted then increase your price little after some negotiation and stop at a price you feel perfect, Then next is to step out of bargain and start seeing other shops around. Here at this point if the seller feels he will call you and fix the deal for clothes of your choice else a no good luck for you.

You can get a good amount of saving by bargain. Apart from textile items, tourist can venture out here to get jeweler items, bags, shoes and kids toys. The clothes that you find in the markets abroad can easily be purchased from the shops in the Fashion Street of Bombay, for a fraction of their price charged abroad. Bargaining is the norm in this market. So, if you want reasonable prices, don’t forget to haggle a lot. Though the market is very popular amongst the college students and teenagers, it is still relatively unknown to the tourists. Even the Bollywood celebrities can be seen frequenting the stores at the Fashion Street of Mumbai.The clothes available here are basically export rejects and export “over-runs” which are of good quality cloth. But you will have to bargain very hard to get the realistic price.Apart from clothing, here you can find shops selling shoe and costume jewelry too. Haggling is ‘mantra’ of shopping at Fashion Street, where shopkeepers generally quote higher prices. You can really enjoy buying cool stuff, while bargaining and cracking pretty good deals. Essentially ask half of the price, what has been asked by the proprietor, haggle a bit or move forward and eventually, you will get the selected things at the price quoted by you. On your visit to Mumbai (Bombay), definitely pay a visit at Fashion Street to get some really nice stuff.Fashion Street in Mumbai is located just opposite VSNL office building at Mahatma Gandhi Road with about 100 to 150 street side clothes shops with varieties like Jeans, T shirts, Skirts etc. This is one of the best place street shopping experience in Mumbai. For all latest fashions and designs of garments, one can get all export quality and varieties in sizes like XL and double XL (XXL) for made in china and India clothes. Basically it is said that all the manufacturing is done at Tirupur.

How to Reach Fashion Street Mumbai:

Fashion street is such a long stetch in Mumbai starts from VT ends right up to Metro. You can get down at Churchgate station and walk towards Flora Fountain and then take a right – Landmark Building is the VSNL tower. Or get down at VT station and walk towards Metro side. Take a cab and say “Fashion Street” of course which ever way you go remember the VSNL tower it is on a fork road. You’ll see rows and rows of roadside stall displaying clothes and accessories.To reach Fashion Street, you take the left after the Parsi Tower of Silence, if you are coming from Churchgate station.One can easily reach Fashion Street by boarding buses or trains, or by hiring autos or taxis from the city.

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