Nehru Planetarium Mumbai

General Information About Nehru Planetarium Mumbai:

  • Location: Dr. Annie Besant Road, Worli, Mumbai – 400018
  • Attractions: Planetarium, Discovery of India, Art Gallery, Antique Exhibits
  • Open: All days except on Monday
  • Founded In: 1977
  • Timings: Tuesday to Sunday (from 10.30 am to 5.00 pm)
  • Show Timings: 12.00 Noon Hindi, 1.30 PM Marathi, 3.00 PM English, 4.30 PM Hindi,
  • Telephone No.: 022-24920510
  • Website :

More Information About Nehru Planetarium Mumbai:

Nehru Planetarium is housed in an astounding cylindrical shaped building that also features art gallery, restaurant, library, cultural center and a 14-gallery exhibit called Discovery of India. Designed by India’s finest architect J.M. Kadri, the Nehru Planetarium is located 8 kms from the city center. Nehru Planetarium is the sole astronomical center that has concert cum movie auditorium. A favorite jaunt for all those fascinated with astronomy and cosmos Nehru Planetarium unfolds the mysteries of the outer space. You can enjoy regular movies, which are of particular interest for children. Nehru Planetarium is situated on Dr. Annie Besant Road in Worli locality of Mumbai. It is housed at the Nehru Center, along with an art gallery, a restaurant, a library, a cultural center and a 14-gallery exhibit (Discovery of India). The cylindrical shaped building was designed by J.M. Kadri, an architect. The planetarium comprises of a concert cum movie auditorium, where visitors can enjoy movies based on outer space. It is very popular, especially amongst kids who seem to be fascinated by space and its mysteries. Right next to Mahalaxmi Race Course, the Nehru Planetarium is a large domed building, popular with the city’s amateur astronomers. Inside, various cubicles estimate your weight on each of the nine planets of the Solar System while in the domed interior, daily shows uncover the timeless mysteries of the cosmos. The place is usually packed with school children so make sure you buy your ticket in advance. Adjacent to the planetarium is the Nehru Centre, venue of numerous international trade fairs and local exhibitions. In the basement, the Nehru Auditorium usually boasts classical music and dance recitals, concerts and plays.When you go to Worli and See a beautiful round unique building with green grass surrounded, its Nehru Science Center of worli and planetarium of Mumbai. It was initiated during 1972 and planetarium during 1977 for the betterment of Science and technology to study scientific aspects of Planet earth, where scientist can meet together share and educate about astronomy.Nehru Planetarium is a large domed building at Mumbai (Bombay) that was inaugurated on 3rd March 1977 by Smt Indira Gandhi (former Prime Minister of India). Situated at Annie Besant Road in Worli, Nehru Planetarium was designed by J.M. Kadri – the finest architect of India. It is to be found at a distance of 8 km from the City Centre, right next to Mahalakshmi Racecourse. Nehru Planetarium is popular among the amateur astronomers of the city. Over the years, the planetarium has evolved into a center for logical study of astronomy and space science. It also acts as a meeting place of scientists and scholars for discussions and lectures regarding different cosmological and Astronomical events. The programmes like science quiz contest, astro-painting, astro-poetry, science elocution etc. conducted by the Nehru Planetarium are meant for inspiring students.

Close to Nehru Planetarium is Nehru Science Center, venue of numerous international trade fairs and local exhibitions. The place also exhibits antique models of Railway engines, airplanes, tramcar and steam lorry. Nehru Planetarium and Nehru Science Center are housed in Nehru Science Complex that has Nehru Auditorium where classical music and dance recitals, concerts and plays are held on regular basis. You can also visit the Nehru Science Museum and be a witness to growth of science since the beginning of civilization. Nehru Planetarium of Maharashtra was founded in the year 1977 and today, it has grown to become one of the major attractions of the city. It also serves as a forum where regular discussions and lectures take place amongst the established scientists, where they discuss the various events related to outer space. A number of programs are also held here to promote the knowledge of space amongst students. These include Science quiz contests, Astro-painting, science elocution, Astro-poetry and Astro-quiz competitions. Since its establishment, this planetarium has produced thirty-one astronomical presentations that have been watched by around 10 million lovers of uranology. It’s the only astronomical centre, which encompasses both concert and movie auditorium. Indeed Nehru Planetarium is the best place for those, who are enamored with astronomy and outer space. The domed interior is daily exposed to shows, which reveal the enduring mysteries of the universe. Discovery of India Exposition in the Nehru Science Complex is a permanent unique exposition that covers multifarious aspects of artistic, intellectual and philosophical journey of India depicted through ages. All presented in 14 galleries the exposition has images in three-dimensional replicas of major architectural and artistic works, photographs, dioramas and audio-visuals. The place is flooded by school children almost all the time and hence don’t forget to get your tickets in advance to avoid last moment rush.During events, such as solar eclipses and lunar eclipses, special viewing arrangements are done at the Nehru Center and Planetarium of Bombay. Big telescopes are put outside the planetarium to help space enthusiasts watch this amazing phenomenon. To promote the understanding of the Cosmos amongst the masses, Nehru Planetorium makes use of its mobile ‘Mini Planetarium’. It is taken to the remote rural areas, so as to make rural people aware of the universe and its various aspects.Inside the planetarium, there are several cubicles that can guesstimate your weight on each of the nine planets of the Solar System. Adjoining it is the Nehru Centre, which has facets like art gallery, restaurant, library, cultural center and a 14-gallery exhibit known as Discovery of India. Thus, Nehru Planetarium provides an insight into the cosmic world and serves as a platform for budding astronomers.

How to Reach Nehru Planetarium Mumbai:

Get a cab, auto or board a bus.Nehru Science Center is located at Dr. Annie Besant Road, Worli. You can see the same if you have been to Haji Ali, Mahalaxmi temple or Latest Atria mall in Mumbai. One can take Taxi or bus From Mumbai Central or Dadar station (West), at western railway line. Station West to Siddhivinayak temple to Prabhadevi to Passport Office to Worli Doordarshan to Worli Naka to Nehru center.One can easily reach Nehru Planetarium by boarding buses or trains, or by hiring autos or taxis from the city.

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