Kamala Nehru Park Mumbai

General Information About Kamala Nehru Park Mumbai:

  • Location: Malabar Hill, Mumbai
  • Attractions: Shoe-shaped structure, lush greenery
  • Specialty: Perfect hangout for kids and panoramic view of the city
  • Timings: 5am to 9pm

More Information About Kamala Nehru Park Mumbai:

Kamla Nehru Park is one of the most famous picnic spots in the Mumbai city. It is especially very popular amongst the kids, who come here to indulge in their childish outdoor games and have fun. The park is situated on top of the enchanting Malabar Hill and spreads over an area of approximately 3,300 sq m. The location of the Kamala Nehru Park is such that one can have a view of some of the most beautiful parts of the city from there, like the sprawling Chowpatty Beach and the glitzy Marine Drive. Perched on the top of Malabar Hill, Kamala Nehru Park is essentially a vantage point that presents a panoramic view of the glittering city – Mumbai. It extends to 3,300 sq m in the most luxurious and posh residential area of the Bollywood city of India. The park was christened after Kamla Nehru, who was the wife of Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of independent India. The park is a pleasant place with foliage all around and well-maintained green lawns.Kamla Nehru Park is among Mumbai’s best hunt for entertainment and greatly popular amongst the kids. Perched at the top of picturesque Malabar Hill, Kamala Nehru Amusement Park covers an area of 3,300 sqmts. Its name owes to Kamala Nehru, the wife of India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. With greenery all around and well-maintained and manicured garden, the Kamala Nehru Park is the place where you could chill out with your dear ones in perfect peace. Being at height the park is cool and less humid, quite comforting in comparison to rest of Mumbai.Mumbai is a very popular tourist destination because of its apparent contrasts and range of available entertainment options. Despite the fact that Mumbai boasts of housing innumerable Hi-tech amusement parks, large cinema halls and malls, the traditional way of whiling away one’s leisure time still remains in the heart of the lush green gardens and parks in this otherwise busy city. Here, tired locals and baffled tourists can count on some leisure hours far from the noise and crowd of the city. Out of the many parks and gardens, the Kamala Nehru Park in Mumbai , remains a prime favourate with many locals and visitors. The park has been named after Kamala Nehru, the wife of India’s first Prime Minister – Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. The serene surroundings of the park provide the perfect respite from the hectic and maddening pace of the everyday life in the metropolitan cities of India. It’s beautifully manicured gardens serve as the perfect oasis of lush greenery in the city dominated by concrete. Kamla Nehru Children’s Park is the perfect place to take a break from daily routines and enjoy with your family.Apart from the striking shoe-shaped structure, it has little to brag of regarding amusement. However, on the whole, Kamla Nehru Park is a nice place to spend sometime away from the hustling city. In fact, you might have seen this shoe-shaped structure in Hindi movies. As said, this structure has been inspired by the nursery rhyme ‘There was an old woman’. Frequently visited by schoolchildren, Kamla Nehru Park is amongst the favorite hangouts of kids. The Kamala Nehru Park also has a queer structure sculpted like a shoe, which is said to have been inspired by the nursery rhyme – “There was an old woman”. If you look down from the park, you can savor one of the most beautiful and panoramic views of the city down below, including the sweeping Chowpatty Beach and the glittering Marine Drive that looks like sparkling Queen’s Necklace.Kamla Nehru Park (or) Hanging Garden is located at Walkeshwar near Girgaon Chowpatty beach with beautiful big Childrens gardens, Donno why its is called Hanging garden ? This place is also a famous sight seeing places, where from a particular point a person can see a lovely view of Mumbai chowpatty Beach and complete Queens necklace. Also there is a old monument called “Boot House” or “Old Womens Shoe” made up of Stone just for entertainment and a Good ride for children.This garden is one of the very famous and oldest gardens since old Mumbai.

Since the park is situated at a considerable altitude, the weather there is much cooler and much less humid than the rest of Bombay. One of its main attractions is a unique structure that has been built in the shape of an ‘old woman’s shoe’. Kids love to play in this odd structure. The enthusiasm and happiness that you see on their faces, when they are inside the structure, makes a visit to the Kamla Nehru Children’s Park definitely worth the effort. You can drop in here any day of the week, between 05:00 hrs and 21:00 hrs. Being sited at height, the area is comparatively cool and less sultry, as regards the city. From different points in the garden, you can glimpse the spectacular sights of the city, including Chowpatty Beach and the scintillating Marine Drive that appears like shining Queen’s Necklace. In concise terms, Kamala Nehru Park offers a green retreat to the people of Bombay.

The Kamala Nehru Park is named after Kamala Nehru, who was the wife of the first prime minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Perched on top of the Malabar Hills, this garden is spread over 4.000 sq.yd. A prime favouarte with children and middle class families, the park has little formal entertainment options except the enormous shoe shaped structure known as the “old Woman’s Shoe’ that is guaranteed to enthrall children as well as the child in you thoroughly. Many also find the spectacular view offered by the garden over Chowpatty Beach and the Marine Drive highly tempting and feast to the eyes. One can thus catch a glimpse of this bustling city, without getting in the way of the crowd. Many people therefore consider Kamala Nehru Park in Mumbai as the Vantage point of Mumbai, equivalent to the Effile tower of Paris. At the top of Mumbai’s Malabar Hill where the elite have built their plush modern palaces is Kamala Nehru Park, the hangout of the bourgeois middle class. It has little to offer by way of entertainment, apart from a “Old Woman’s Shoe” relegated to a distant corner, but the view of the city is spectacular and unmissable. For most Mumbaiites, Kamala Nehru Park is to Mumbai what the Eiffel Tower is to Paris — a vantage point that casts a proud eye on the entire city. Kamala Nehru park is the ultimate getaway destination for visitors in the bustling city of Mumbai. It is also considered to be a very popular park of this city. The peaceful and tranquil atmosphere makes up for the otherwise lack of entertainment in the park. Thus, it has served as one of the most popular of all tourist destination s in this highly cosmopolitan city. Thus, the Kamala Nehru Park in Mumbai has helped visitors by offering clean and fresh environment that is the very requirement of the nature starved locals of this otherwise enchanting city.

How to Reach Kamala Nehru Park Mumbai:

One can easily reach Kamala Nehru Park by boarding buses or trains, or by hiring autos or taxis from the city.Board a local or hire a taxi/auto or bus.Very near to charni road station (west) is this famous walkeshwar area at Malabar hill location, Just 15 minutes from station in Taxi. Some attractive places near Kamla Nehru Park are jain temple, banganga and Girgaon Chowpatty.

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