Madh Island Beach Mumbai

General Information About Madh Island Beach Mumbai:

  • Location: Northwest Coast of Mumbai
  • Attractions: Madh Fort, Church of St. Bonaventure
  • Best time to visit: You can find rush here throughout the year; the best time to visit Madh Island Beach is from October to June.

More About Madh Island Beach Mumbai:

Madh Island is situated in Mumbai. Madh Island is another popular spot, which comes off surprisingly in the rural area of Mumbai’s northwestern coast. It is dotted with the bungalows of the urban upper class. It has a reputation as a discreet place to throw beach parties and hold techno raves. Madh is lined by a series of unspoilt sandy beaches. The beaches are not particularly picturesque, strong currents and shifting sands make the sea too treacherous for swimming. The main reason to come here is to escape the urban environment, explore the fishing villages and enjoy a stroll along the seashore.Madh Island Beach is situated along the northwest coast of the Mumbai city of India. One of the unique features of this beach is its rural background, which completely contrasts with the luxurious bungalows that seem to be lining its forefront. Apart from its scenic locales and magnificent natural beauty, it is also known for its rave parties, the parties that are thrown inconspicuously by the crème de la crème of Mumbai.The best thing about Madh Island Beach is the number of unspoilt sandy beaches where you can revel in utmost peace and calm. However, the beaches are not exactly picturesque, strong and wild Sea current make the beach treacherous and susceptible to the changing of its area and hence it is advisable not to venture out into the Sea.

Madh Fort is the main attraction other than Madh Island Beach. The fort is also called as Versova Fort. The fort was built by Portuguese rulers. Earlier, it was used as a watchtower and as a base for the ships, which used to do patrolling in the sea. In the late 60’s and in the decade of 70’s the fort was used for the training cadets. There is one more fort present here. It is not that much known because now what you see are only the remains of the fort. It is the sub fort of the Versova fort which was mainly used for storage of food, arms and ammunition. St. Bonaventure church is also a place u can visit. A church will take you into the Portuguese era.

During low tide, one can actually walk across the sands from Dana Paani Beach in Erangal to Aksa Beach. Erangal village is a lovely place on the Madh Island, where people usually rely on farming. Here, you can find many holiday cottages on top of bungalows. The Church of St. Bonaventure, a Portuguese church that dates back to the 16th century, is another site to visit on the island. To put succinctly, Madh Island Beach is a place that is close to nature and makes a perfect hangout for solitude lovers.Whatever be the mood of the sea here, you can be rest assured that Madh island Beach provides you a complete escape from the heat and dust of the city and it is a perfect destination to chill out and reflect alone or your dear ones. You can stroll along the seashore and explore the fishing community that populates the area. Another attraction on Madh Island Beach is the Madh Fort also called Versova fort. It is believed that this fort was built by the Portuguese as a watchtower and later used as a training camp for cadets. You could come over here for a fresh bout of breeze and fort’s picturesque locale that is sure to enthrall you.Still, Madh Island beach serves as the perfect retreat from the city full of concrete and tensions. You can come here alone or with your closed friends and family members and have lots and lots of fun. Apart from natural beauty, the beach is also known for the Madh Fort, also called Versova fort, situated nearby and the fishing community that resides here. Come here, relax a bit and let your mind wander to the comforting beauty of nature.

How to Reach Madh Island Beach Mumbai:

Private vehicles is prefered, But quite good bus and auto facilities are also available from malad station located in western railway route of Mumbai.One can easily reach Madh Island Beach by boarding buses or trains, or by hiring autos or taxis from the city.

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