BEST (Best) Bus Depot List and Depot Address and Routes in Mumbai


BEST (Best) Bus Depot List and Address and Bus Routes By Zone Wise:

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BEST Bus Depot Name Address of BEST Bus Depot
Main BEST Bus Routes of The Depot
Area : City Zone
Colaba Electric House, Colaba, Mumbai SPL1, 6Ltd, 9, 68, 101, 122, 132, 133
Backbay Cuffe Parade Road, Backbay, Mumbai 25Ltd, 121, 134, 138
Central Morland Road, Byculla, Mumbai 30Ltd, 41, 42, 62, 104, 105, 126, 135,
Worli Off A. B. Road, Worli, Mumbai 27, 82, 89, 110, 162
Wadala Tilak Road, Opp. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar College, Wadala, Mumbai AS-440, 40Ltd, 453Ltd, 440 ltd, AS-503
Area : Central Suburb Zone
Marol Central Road, MIDC, Marol, Andheri (EAST), Mumbai 186, 319, 329, 335, 340, 415, 418, 441, 445Ltd, 602, 706 ltd
Dharavi Bandra-Sion Link Road, Dharavi, Mumbai 70, 76, AS-302, 449Ltd, C-71Exp
Magathane W.E.H, Borivali (East), Mumbai A-70Exp, AS-2, AS-461, AS-524, 524 ltd, 40Ltd, 297, 299, 400, 700Ltd, 709Ltd
Dindoshi Goregaon–Mulund Link Road, Dindoshi, Mumbai AS-525, 398Ltd, 523Ltd, 708Ltd, 718Ltd, 525Ltd, 701 ltd, 478 ltd
Majas J.V.L.R , Jogeshwari (East), Mumbai 185, 332, 308, 339, 442, 496 ltd, 491 ltd, 415, AS-422, AS-551
Kurla L.B.S. Marg, Kurla (West), Mumbai 306Ltd, 322, 91 Ltd, 365, 507 Ltd
Area : Western Suburb Zone
Bandra Bandra Rly Station (West),Mumbai 1, 375Ltd, 225, 422, 505Ltd, C-55Exp
Santacruz Swami Vivekanand Road, Santacruz (West), Mumbai AS-505, AS-707, 83, 51, 54, 339, 707 ltd, 28
Goregoan Near Motilal Nagar, Goregaon (West), Mumbai 31Exp, 33, 469Ltd, 210 ltd, 205, 204
Oshiwara Oshiwara Village, Goregaon (West), Mumbai 4Ltd, 84Ltd, AS-4, A-74Exp
Poisar Swami Vivekanand Road, Kandivali (West), Mumbai 203, 277, 281, 286
Gorai Lokmanya Tilak Road, Gorai, Mumbai AS-458, 259, 461Ltd, 226 ltd, 464 ltd, 309 ltd, 79, 460 ltd A-76Exp, A-77Exp, C-12Exp, C-62Exp
Malwani Malwani, Malad (West), Mumbai 256, 459Ltd, 359, 207
Area : Eastern Suburb Zone
Anik Salt-pan Road, Wadala, Mumbai AS-3, AS-9, 348Ltd, 5, 63, C-72Exp, C-43Exp
Pratiksha Nagar Salt-pan Road, Wadala, Mumbai 15, 302, 448Ltd, C-42Exp
Deonar Sion–Trombay Road, Deonar, Mumbai 399Ltd, 501Ltd, 92Ltd, 93Ltd, C-60exp
Shivaji Nagar Govandi, Shivaji Nagar, Mumbai 8Ltd, 19Ltd, 489Ltd
Ghatkopar Ghatkopar (East), Mumbai 494Ltd, 511Ltd, 470 ltd
Vikhroli L.B.S Marg, Vikroli (West), Mumbai 7Ltd, 387, 497Ltd, 30 Ltd,
Mulund Devidayal Road, Mulund (West), Mumbai A-13Exp, AS-512, AS-1, AS-700, C-61Exp, 402, 425

Ref: BEST Undertaking – Official site of the BEST.

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