Bandra Worli Sea Link Road In Mumbai

About Bandra Worli Sea Link Road In Mumbai:

Rajiv Gandhi (Bandra-Worli) Sea Link Project has been one of the most highly recommended project of all the transport studies done for the metropolitan region during the last forty years.The Bandra Worli sealink, officially know as ‘Rajiv Gandhi sealink’ was inaugurated on 30th June 2009. It is a cable stayed bridge which links Bandra and Worli and is the first phase of the proposed West island freeway system. The proposed project is to connect Nariman Point to Versova with exists in between. The sea link reduces travel time from 45 minutes to a mere 7 minutes.The toll on the sea link one way is Rs 50/- and if you purchase a return ticket, it will costs you 75/-. If you plan to take the return journey post midnight, the same ticket wont be valid. The sea link has witnessed a couple of major accidents, and once there is an accident, there is a huge traffic jam on the sealink, which at times takes the authorities hours to clear up. At present, Mahim causeway is the only link connecting western suburbs to island city of Mumbai.On 30th June 2009, 4 out of 8 lanes were open to the public, 2 towards Worli, and 2 towards Bandra with a divider in between. The sea link witnessed a lot of accidents due to rash and negligent driving of the mumbaikars, due to which the authorities installed speed arrestors. Somewhere in between, they have installed speed arrestors for nearly half a kilometer, due to which you HAVE to reduce your speed to a mere 30km / hour. The existing north south western corridor is highly congested and during the peak hours results in a bottleneck at Mahim Causeway.The other 4 lanes have now been thrown open to public (as of 24th march 2010), and the question of 2 cars colliding doesn’t arise. Its time the authorities remove these speed arrestors because even though the bandra worli sealink looks amazing from a distance, driving on it, is no more a pleasure. Vehicular traffic admeasuring about 1,20,000 PCU travels on the Mahim causeway everyday and during peak hours and it takes about forty minutes to travel from Mahim causeway to Worli, a distance of about 8 km.

Bandra worli sea link project high lights:

  • An 8-lane bridge with 2 lanes dedicated for buses.
  • Unique bridge design and becomes landmark to Mumbai city.
  • Modern toll plaza of 16 lanes with automated toll collection system.
  • Estimated project cost is Rs. 1600/- crores.
  • Estimated savings in fuel cost for Vehicles: Rs. 100 Crores per annum.
  • Although designed for a speed of 100 kmph, initially MSRDC plans to impose a 50 kmph speed limit to prevent accidents and enable motorists to get accustomed. Bandra worli sea Link Bridge is going to be opened o 30th June 2009.

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