Mumbai Darshan Bus Service By Neeta Travels Route Details


About Mumbai Darshan Bus Service By Neeta Travels:

Founded in the year 2000 by Sunil Savla, Neeta Tours And Travels is a popular Inter-City bus service provider, serving more than 20 destinations with about 200 schedules daily across 5 states in India. Under the able leadership of Sunil Savla, Neeta Tours And Travels offers both volvo and deluxe bus service and operates daily trips to and from Ahmedabad, Pune, Nasik, Mumbai, Jamnagar, Rajkot, Delhi, Udaipur and Baroda.There are many agents offering the Mumbai Darshan service, but no one shows you Mumbai the way Neeta Travels does .

They have luxury buses plying in Mumbai every single day giving a complete overview of Mumbai. Neeta Travels charge Rs 150/- per head per day for ‘Mumbai Darshan’.

So what exactly do they show you during the full day mumbai Darshan.

Mumbai Darshan Bus Service By Neeta Travels Route

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