St Thomas Cathedral Mumbai

General Information About St Thomas Cathedral Mumbai:

  • Location: D.N. Road, Fort, Mumbai 400 001
  • Kind of Church: Anglican
  • Best Time to visit: Anytime of the year
  • Built In: 1718
  • Time: Daily 6:30am-6pm

History About St Thomas Cathedral Mumbai:

The Cathedral of St Thomas (named for the first apostle to India) was begun by Governor Aungier in 1676, but after his death the project was abandoned. The church stood neglected with walls 5 meters high for around 40 years until it was adopted by an East India Company chaplain around 1710. St Thomas’, the first Anglican church in Mumbai, was finally opened on Christmas Day 1718. The cathedral was given the essential “cannon-ball-proof” roof and was originally divided into sections for different classes of society, including one for “Inferior Women.”

More Information About St Thomas Cathedral Mumbai:

St. Thomas’ Cathedral is the first Anglican Church in Mumbai, situated near the Flora Fountain. Built in 1718, St. Thomas Cathedral was an effort to improve the moral standards of the growing British settlement. Having selected for the UNESCO Asia-Pacific heritage conservation award 2004, St. Thomas Church owes its name to St. Thomas, a disciple of Christ who came to India to establish Christianity along the Malabar Coast, Southwestern India.St. Thomas` Cathedral, Mumbai is known to be a crowd puller, attracting throngs of devotees from all parts of the country. During the time of Christmas and similar festivals, the cathedral is bedecked with buntings and exquisite embellishments. Devotees as well as tourists visit St. Thomas` Cathedral to spend tranquil moments of peace and solitude. The spectacular architectural work of the church is worth a visit and admiring to look at. British architecture in India is truly escaladed to massive heights, when the said cathedral is being spoken about.

Special Features Of  St Thomas Cathedral Mumbai:

The St. Thomas’s Cathedral in Mumbai holds religious significance for the strong Christian population of Mumbai. Mumbai is also proud of the church as it shows the rich Historical significance of the city in India. The beautiful and ornate architectural style of the church is another major attraction. Meanwhile, many Indians also consider this church as a structure of national pride . This landmark of Mumbai is also a symbol of the city’s secular status. A trip to Mumbai will therefore remain grossly incomplete without a visit to the beautiful and tranquil St. Thomas’s cathedral.

What to See in St Thomas Cathedral Mumbai:

St Thomas’ Cathedral is a blend of Neo-Classical and Neo-Gothic styles, with a white exterior. The interior looks much the same today as it did in the 18th century, whitewashed and furnished with polished brass, wood and stained glass windows. The walls are lined with ornate memorials to British parishioners, many of whom died young of disease or in battle.

St Thomas Cathedral Is The First Anglican church in Mumbai:

St Thomas’s Cathedral has the reputation of being the first Anglican Church that was built in Mumbai. The church is in the name of St. Thomas, who was a disciple of Jesus Christ and one of the first ones to come to India to spread Christianity. Though, the foundation of St. Thomas’s cathedral in Mumbai was laid in 1676, the church remained incomplete for nearly 100 years. This is one of the most beautiful churches in India that is built in the traditional Victorian style architecture. The cathedral houses the tombstones of British civil servants and other officers. The church can be viewed for its beauty and inner peace especially during the daily service. The church has gone numerous restoration programs in order to repair the damages and maintain the beauty and elegance of this great landmark of Mumbai. Due to this effort, the church was also selected for the UNESCO Asia- Pacific heritage conservation award in 2004.A huge rush of devotees visits the cathedral on a daily basis, including both locals as well as tourists. The beautiful architecture of the St. Thomas Cathedral is definitely worth having a look at. The peace and serenity that it offers to visitors further add to its attraction. Apart from the usual Sundays, the cathedral also witnesses heavy rush on special occasions, like Christmas and other festivals, when it overflows with beauty and excitement.

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Board a local that will take you here, or hire an auto or taxi

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