BEST Bus Route No-223 Ltd. Time Table and Full Route Infrormation


BEST Bus Route No-223 Ltd. Full Schedule and Time Table and Full Route Infrormation:

1 Seven Bungalows Bus Station
2 Four Bungalows
3 Indian Oil Nagar Andheri
4 Laxmi Industrial Estate
5 Aai Tuljabhavani Chowk/Lokhandwala Complex
6 Adarsh Nagar (Osh)
7 Behram Baug
8 Goregaon / Oshiwara Depot
9 Shastri Nagar (Link Road) Goregaon
10 Bangur Nagar Police Chowkey
11 Bangur Nagar
12 Inorbit Mall
13 Vinay Industry (Subkuch Market)
14 Chincholi Bunder Road
15 D Mart Shopping Centre
16 Kach Pada
17 Evershine Nagar
18 Mith Chowky Malad
19 Mith Chowky Malad
20 Janata Colony/Shiv Mandir
21 Laljipada Police Chowky
22 Shanti Nagar Kandivali
23 Kamraj Nagar
24 Renuka Nagar
25 Ekta Nagar Kandivli
26 Mahavir Nagar Extension / Parijat Society
27 Panchsheel Apartment
28 Kamal Vihar Sports Complex
29 Govardhan Nagar / Borsapada
30 Poisar Depot
31 Ram Baug / Shastri Nagar Kandivali
32 Kora Kendra
33 Kora Kendra
34 Rajendra Nagar
35 Datta Pada
36 Magathane Depot
37 Magathane Tel Exchange
38 Shree Koteshwari Mandir
39 Dattani Park
40 Thakur Cinema
41 Thakur College
42 Samata Nagar (Kndvli)

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