BEST Bus Route No-211 Time Table and Full Route Infrormation


BEST Bus Route No-211 Full Schedule and Time Table and Full Route Infrormation:

1 Father Agnel Ashram
2 Municipal Garden / Band Stand
3 Sisters Bungalow
4 Prarthanalaya
5 St.Andrew’S Church
6 Holy Family Hospital
7 St.Peter’S Church
8 Elco Market
9 Bandra Police Station
10 Bandra Station (W)
11 Bandra Station (W)
12 Bandra Talao
13 Bandra Talkies
14 Moti Mahal
15 Pali Hill Guru Nanak Marg Junction
16 Pali Market
17 L.I.C.Colony Bandra
18 Dr.Ambedkar Road Bandra
19 Petit Girl’S School
20 Chuim Village
21 Mama Hotel
22 Dr.Ambedkar Road Bandra
23 L.I.C.Colony Bandra
24 Pali Market
25 Pali Hill Guru Nanak Marg Junction
26 Moti Mahal
27 Bandra Talkies
28 Bandra Talao
29 Bandra Station (W)
30 Bandra Station (W)
31 Bandra Police Station
32 Elco Market
33 Bank Of India Bandra
34 St.Peter’S Church
35 Holy Family Hospital
36 St.Andrew’S Church
37 Prarthanalaya
38 Sisters Bungalow
39 Municipal Garden / Band Stand
40 Father Agnel Ashram

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