ISKCON Temple (Radha-Krishna Temple) Mumbai

General Information About ISKCON Temple (Radha-Krishna Temple) Mumbai:

  • Location: Juhu, Mumbai
  • Dedicated To: Radha-Krishna
  • Built by: ISKCON Foundation
  • Highlights: Vedic Educational and Cultural Complex, Architectural Beauty
  • Presiding Deity: Radha Rasabihariji
  • Special Attraction: Radha Rasabihariji
  • Best time to visit: August/September and anytime of the year
  • Inaugurated In: 1978

History About ISKCON Temple (Radha-Krishna Temple) Mumbai:

The first time Srila Prabhupada saw the land where Hare Rama Hare Krishna Temple is situated was when he was going to Smt. Morarjee’s house. During that time, the land was nothing more than a jungle. He liked the land so much that he prayed to God that if ever he would be able to get this land, he would build a beautiful temple there. By God’s grace, the same land was offered to International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) in the year 1971. Thereafter started the construction of Iskcon Temple and it was inaugurated on 14th January 1978 (the day of Makar Sankranti).

More Information About ISKCON Temple (Radha-Krishna Temple) Mumbai:

ISKCON Temple of Mumbai, dedicated to Lord Krishna, is one of the forty ISKCON temples across India. Built by the ISKCON Foundation, the elevated spire of this temple dominates the skyline of Juhu in Mumbai (erstwhile Bombay). The International Society of Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) has built a chain of temples throughout the world to promulgate the message of Bhagwat Gita. With such endeavor, this cult desires to increase the consciousness about Lord Krishna.ISKCON temple or Hare Rama Hare Krishna temple at Juhu in Mumbai is among the most visited sacred temples dedicated to Lord Krishna or Lord Radha Rasabihari. Managed by ISKCON, the temple is built on the prime land of Hare Krishna Land sprawling over 4 acres. Hare Rama Hare Krishna temple has been a moving tribute to Srila Parabhupada’s genius and perseverance that has spread Krishna consciousness. Also known as Radha Rasabihariji temple, thousands of devotees flock the temple from across the globe.

The Iskcon temples are not just places of worship or architectural wonder but are representation of intellectual development. This society was founded by Swami Prabhupada – the divine soul, who preached the philosophy of love and happiness to the mankind. In the close vicinity of Prithvi theatre in Mumbai, Iskcon temple is a major landmark of the Juhu locality. Both, its interior and exterior walls are festooned with frescoes and sculptures.

The Vedic Educational and Cultural Complex (the Heaven on Earth) is a must-visit place, where the Robot Show presents religious knowledge by using electronic power. If you are feeling hungry, then try the typical Vaishnavite cuisine at Govinda Restaurant. Every evening, the temple gets reverberated with prayers and bhajans (devotional songs), attracting devotees from the nearby areas. Visit the Iskcon Temple of Mumbai and experience the divine ecstasy.

Speciality Of Temple:

Place is very famous For Mumbai Tourist Attractions. Its a temple of Lord Krishna of Mahabharata a mythological story. Janmastami(Which is Birthday of Sri Krishna ‘Hare rama hare krishna’) is celebrated highly here. Its a peaceful temple at juhu beach, You will find beautiful paintings all around, They also arrange for food/snacks for visitors in very nominal charges. You will find people wearing orange dhoti.In the main hall, there are paintings depicting the incidents from the life of Lord Krishna. The unsurpassed architectural magnificence of the temple is worth-seeing. On your visit to this temple, you will see numerous devotees working and chanting the ‘Mahamantra’ (literally the great syllable) granted by Swami Prabhupada. The temple authorities also conduct various educational, cultural and social programs to augment the Vedic wisdom.

Places Near Iscon Temple:

Juhu Chowpatty Beach next to temple famous for pani puri, bhel puri, chana masala, gola, Coconut water, Also there is j49 discotheque, croma electronic mall, various 5 star hotels like jw marriot, centaur, sea princes, sun and sand,chandan cinema, shoppers stop.

How to Reach ISKCON Temple (Radha-Krishna Temple) Mumbai:

Easily reach ISKCON Temple by boarding buses or trains, or by hiring autos or taxis from the city.Best Way to reach this temple is by taxi/cab from andheri station west charging you approximately Rupees(Rs).30 to 35/-. You can also reach here via various public BEST buses at Andheri Station Depot.

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