BEST Bus Route No-509 Ltd. Time Table and Full Route Infrormation


BEST Bus Route No-509 Ltd. Full Schedule and Time Table and Full Route Infrormation:

1 Maheshwari Udyan
2 Gandhi Market Matunga
3 Lokmanya Tilak Hospital
4 Jain Society
5 Rani Laxmibai Chowk / Sion
6 Everard Nagar
7 Priyadarshani Chuna Bhatti
8 Suman Nagar
9 S.G.Barve Marg Junction / Kurla
10 Postal Colony
11 Amar Mahal
12 Chheda Nagar
13 Jijamata Bhonsle Marg Junction
14 R.T.O.Office Ghatkopar
15 Nalanda Society Ghatkopar
16 Ramabai Nagar
17 Ghatkopar Depot / Caseurina
18 Godrej Soap Company (East)
19 Godrej Company (East)
20 Vikhroli Village (East)
21 Vikhroli Station (E)
22 Kannamwar Nagar
23 Vikhroli Police Station
24 Tagore Nagar Junction
25 Mansukh Dyeing Company
26 Ankur Hospital
27 Kanjur Viillage
28 Crompton Greaves Bhandup
29 Adarsh Vidyalaya
30 D.A.V.College Bhandup
31 C.G.S.Colony (Bhandup)
32 Bhandup Station (E)
33 Hema Park
34 Bhandup Village (E)
35 State Bank Of India Bhandup
36 R.B.I.Colony(Bhandup Village-E)
37 R.C.F.Colony (Bhandup Village-E)
38 Kurla Nagrik Sahakari Bank
39 Udaya Shree Marg
40 Keni Vidyalaya
41 R.C.F.Colony (Shrikrishna Society)
42 Shivai Vidyalaya Bhandup
43 Nahur Railway Station (East)
44 Bhandup Village Junction
45 Bhandup Pumping Centre
46 Mulund Airoli Toll Naka
47 Sector No 10 Airoli
48 Sector No 16 Airoli
49 Sector No 17 Airoli
50 Airoli Sewerage Plant / Premdan
51 Sector No 4 Airoli (Sai Clinic)
52 Airoli Bus Station
53 Sector-4 Airoli (Corporation Bank)
54 Sector No 5 Airoli
55 Rabale Police Station
56 Rabale Village
57 Gothivali Village / Tel Exchange
58 Talavali Naka / Nocil Company
59 Ghansoli Naka
60 Standard Alkali Company
61 Mahape Naka
62 Helen Kellar Society
63 Millennium Business Park

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