AS-51 Between Ghatkopar Depot and Vashi Railway Station BEST AC Bus Time Table


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Bus Number AS-51  Time Table and Full Routes Information:

This route is operated between Ghatkopar Depot and Vashi Railway Station.

The itinerary of this route is via L.B.S.Road.
This route is scheduled to halt at Ghatkopar Bus Station, Nityanand Nagar,
Shreyas Talkies, Vikhroli Depot, Vikhroli Station Road (West), Gandhi Nagar,
Bhandup Station Road (West), Bhandup Police Station, Bhandup Sonapur,
Konark Apartment, Nahur Railway Station, Bhandup Pumping Station, Airoil
Sector-10, Diva Gaon, Airoli Sector-5, Rabale Village, Talavali Naka / NOCIL,
Hellen Keller Institute, Kopar Khairane Extension, Vashi Sector 28 / 29, Dana
Bazar, APMC, Vashi Bus Station, Vashi Highway Junction, and Vashi Railway

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